三月 20, 1998

College of Preceptors

Ivan Reid, Schofield professor of education at Loughborough University, has been elected a fellow of the college.

Queen Mary and Westfield College

University of London

The following have been elected honorary fellows of the college: Peter Caruana, chief minister of Gibraltar; Lynda Chalker, life peer, minister for overseas development (1986-97); William Asscher, former principal of St George's Hospital Medical School; K. Chan, Hong Kong businessman; Edward Fennessy, former managing director of Post Office Telecommunications; James Scott, professor of medicine, Imperial College, London; John Thornes, past president, Institute of British Geographers; Anderson Dunn, assistant commissioner, Metropolitan Police.

McTimoney Chiropractic College

Nicky Sinead Gardner, member of the college's research and development panel, has been awarded an honorary fellowship.

Noticeboard is compiled by Lynne Williams. For further details see NetGazette on http://thesis.www.co.uk-



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