Faraday Partnerships

Deadline: 03/11/2000

十月 13, 2000

Third call for outline proposals The Faraday partnership initiative is aimed at promoting improved interactions between the UK science, engineering and technology base and industry through the involvement of intermediate organisations. Qualifying intermediate organisations must be able to demonstrate an existing and strong connection with both industry and academia. The proposed Faraday partnerships that are selected for support in this round will be chosen in the lightof Foresight priorities and the technology needs of a knowledge-driven economy. They will be in topics of key importanceto the industrial wellbeing of the UKand of interest to a wide spectrum of firms, research organisations andfunding providers.

The research council sponsor(s) will provide up to £1M over four years to each Faraday partnershipon a pump-priming basis. Applicants should download the outline proposal application form and associated guidance notes from the EPSRC website at: www.epsrc.ac.uk/bmk/fp .
Contact: Dr Andy Rawlins
Telephone: 01793 444112
Email: andy.rawlins@epsrc.ac.uk



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