Evaluation, validation and monitoring of energy scientific and technological indicators

八月 15, 2003

Brussels, 14 Aug 2003

The European Commission has published a call for tenders related to the evaluation, validation and monitoring of energy scientific and technological indicators and references (ESTIR).

The main objective of the tender is to review and enhance the work done in the preparatory phase of the ESTIR. The present contract will be divided into seven lots, corresponding to seven different key areas. The contractor(s) has to identify relevant critical indicators and objectives, for each given key area, which can help in the definition, implementation, monitoring and assessment of progress achieved in energy RTD (research and technological development) in a wider European and international context.

The seven key areas are:
- Fuel cells and hydrogen technology (total budget 45,000 euro);
- Photovoltaic technologies for electricity generation (total budget 40,000 euro);
- Other renewable energy sources: wind energy, solar thermal concentrating technologies, ocean energy, geothermal energy etc. (total budget 30,000 euro);
- Biomass based technologies: biofuels and biomass use (total budget 45,000 euro);
- Power storage techniques and integration of distributed generation of energy (total budget 30,000 euro);
- Use of fossil fuels in power and heat generation, including with regard to technologies for sequestration of carbon dioxide (total budget 30,000 euro);
- Generic cross cutting and horizontal technologies with relevance to energy: material sciences, innovative bio technologies, information and communication technologies etc (total budget 30,000 euro).

Tenders may be submitted for one lot, several, or all lots.

For further information, please contact:

European Commission
Attn: Mr Helmut Pfruener
MO 75 5/19
B-1049 Brussels
Tel +32-2-296 5487
Fax +32-2-296 6882
E-mail: Helmut.pfruener@cec.eu.int

To see the full details of the call, please consult the following web address:
http://ted.publications.eu.int/static/do ccur/en/en/140899-2003.htm
Remarks: The deadline for requesting tender documents is 15.9.2003.
The deadline for submitting tender documents is 22.9.2003.

Before contacting the Commission, tenderers are strongly advised to consult the original call text in the Official Journal of the European Union at the reference below.

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