Biotechnology (Extracted from Industry Council, Luxembourg 6 June 2002)

六月 6, 2002

Brussels 5 May 2002

The Council is expected to adopt Conclusions that address the development of life sciences and biotechnology in Europe. These focus on the overall approach set out in the Commission's Communication 'Life Sciences and Biotechnology a Strategy for Europe'(COM(2002)), on /2002/com2002_00en01.pdf .

They establish the Communication as the basis for the comprehensive and coherent policy framework that is needed to cover all relevant issues, and underline the objective of promoting the coherence of policies at all levels. The next step in this process is for the Commission and Council to establish an 'operational road-map' of practical measures, clarifying the various participants' responsibilities for implementation of the Communication's action plan and setting out a detailed timetable for action. The road-map is expected to be ready in time for adoption in Council in November.

(extracted from DN: MEMO/02/128 Date: 05/06/2002)



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