20 years ago

十二月 18, 2008

At least four out of the six colleges that make up the University of Wales are likely to rebel against plans to boost the university's central powers. The largest, the new University of Wales College of Cardiff, has even threatened to make a bid for independence if the proposals are implemented. Today, at a University of Wales court meeting, principals of the six colleges will discuss the controversial scheme, which they fear will strengthen the university's federal structure at the expense of college autonomy. Although no final decisions will be made until next July, privately academics at four of the largest colleges are saying that the proposals are unacceptable.

At a cost of $1.75 million, the US National Collegiate Athletic Association has completed a study on the life of college athletes. The conclusion: football and basketball players spend more time on sport than they do on academic studies. The report was ordered by the president's commission of the NCAA. "This is truly a landmark study," said commission chairman Martin Massengale, "but I do not believe there are any great surprises in the results."



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