Hong Kong Baptist University

Knowledge Creation at HKBU

The world-class strengths in multiple disciplines and high-impact research of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) are highly regarded by academics and industry professionals.
Building upon its achievements in the past 60 years, HKBU rolled out its Institutional Strategic Plan 2018-2028 which identifies three interdisciplinary strategic clusters:

Creative Media and Practice  
A powerful creativity-based platform that spurs technological innovations, socioeconomic engine for growth, artistic practice, and city-based and national cultural policy, this Cluster is anchored by three pillars:

  • cultural capital investment
  • practice-led innovations
  • social care

Health, and Drug Discovery
Tackling the grand challenge of ageing-associated diseases, the cluster incorporates frontier sciences in the therapeutic wisdom of Chinese medicine for treatment, prevention, and recovery of neurodegenerative and joint-bone diseases. Three research themes are defined, adopting a multidisciplinary approach using integrated analysis in phenomics, chemical biology, and therapeutics:

  • technological advancement
  • disease modelling
  • healthy active living

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence 
Solving non-trivial real-world problems in various domains using robust and safe advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, the cluster focuses on three research themes:

  • Chinese medicine and healthcare
  • Social communications and digital media
  • Geoinformatics and environment