四月 5, 1996

UNIVERSITY OF ULSTER. Charities: Professor D. Thurnham, Pounds 153,000 from The Howard Foundation (research chair) Research contracts: Dr A. Smith, Pounds 60,000 from Youth Services (controversial issues and youth workers); Professor A. Smyth, Pounds 44,457 from General Consumer Council (cross-border shopping); Professor T. Shields, Pounds 33,200 from the Building Research Establishment (enhancement of fire risk assessment).

European funds: Professor B. Norton, Pounds 344,158 from the Council of the European Commission (evaluating glazing); Professor J. McMullan, Pounds 291,357 from CEF (advanced cycles - fluids in heat pumps) and Pounds 255,143 from CEC (solid fuel systems) and Pounds 123,456 from CEC (advanced combustion of fuel blends) and Pounds 78,188 from CEC (environmental monitoring) and Pounds 74,073 from CEC (operational problems); Professor J. Strain, Pounds 191,899 from CEC (effect of copper in food chain); Professor S. Clean, Pounds 186,832 from CEC (statistical aggregates); Dr F. Schmidt, Pounds 106,838 from CEC (small-to-medium-sized ports with re-engineered processes); Professor M. Fitzpatrick, Pounds 62,745 from CEC (possible development of equality strategy and litigation).

BRUNEL UNIVERSITY Research contracts: Professor P. Sermon, Pounds 110,979 from the Defence Research Agency (sol-gel multilayer mirrors for application in high-energy laser systems); Mr S. Bryan, Pounds 150,712 from the National Health Service (cost-effectiveness of MRI for investigation of the knee joint).

to be continued



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