Celebrity christmas Quiz answers, and the winners

一月 16, 1998

1. Harold Wilson.

2. Tommy Trip, from "The Adventure of Little Tommy Trip and his Dog Jouler" in Fables in Verse. London: John Newbery, 1758.

3. The Great Gatsby.

4. Queen Elizabeth II.

5. Woodrow Wilson (Princeton) and Dwight D. Eisenhower (Columbia).

6. Squaring the circle. To be precise, in 1882 Ferdinand Lindemann, at the University of Munich, proved that 'pi' satisfies no algebraic equation -- implying that the old Greek problem of squaring the circle using ruler and compasses has no solution.

7. Hans Berger.

8. Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard see the trailer for Flames of Passion and Brief Encounter; and Richard Kwietniowski recently used the title for an acclaimed gay short.

9. The tractrix. (Curve described by a weight on the end of a string, when the other end is slowly dragged along a straight line NOT passing through the weight.) 10. West Germany (FRG)1954-1990, East Germany (GDR) 1958-1990, Germany 1994-1998, Saar 1954.

11. Scylla, from Homer,The Odyssey, Book XI.

12. Cortex is Latin for bark. Thisparticular area of the brain is called the cortex because it wraps around the brain like the bark around a tree.

13. Jennie Lee.

14. The Gytrash.

15. Michael Foot's.

16. As several research groups have found that brain cells in separate areas of the brain can oscillate in synchrony at a frequency of 40 Hz. This phenomenon seems to be a prerequisite for consciousness.

17. Hugh Gaitskell.

18. Tony Blair.

19. Sergei Eisenstein, whowrote about SWATSD in connectionwith his Die Walkura at theBolshoi in 1939.

20. Mark Fisher.

21. Donald MacIntyre.

22. Russian serfdom - abolished in 1861, a year before Lincolnabolished slavery.

23. Anguilla, Aruba, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands,Cayman Islands, Chinese Taipei, Cook Islands, Faroe Islands, Guam, Hong Kong, Macao, Netherlands, Antilles, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Tahiti, Tonga.

24. Probably several thousand years BC - the crack of a whip is a sonic boom.

25. Andrew W. Mellon.

26. Arthur C. Clarke, who set the question, was hoping a THES reader would know the source for thisquotation. It is Lucretius.

. Edmund Waller (1606-1687) wrote the poem "Go, Lovely Rose" and Thomas 'Fats' Waller(1904-1943) wrote the song "Honeysuckle Rose".

28. Duke Ellington. His musicaltribute to "Henry V" is entitled"Hank Cinq".

29. Sir John Eccles.

30. The quark.

The winners are John and Maire Davies of Pontcanna, Cardiff who recieve the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary on CD-Rom together with three recent Oxford University Press books. Runner-upis Dr Tony Andrew, senior lecturer in biological sciences at the University of Ulster, who wins a Pounds 20 book token.



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