Mapping the fragmented union

Russia in the Modern World
十月 29, 1999

The break-up of the USSR has caused geographical textbooks some confusion as to what area should be covered. This work, intended primarily for undergraduate and advanced sixth-form work, is devoted to the principal successor republic, Russia. Consequently, it analyses in depth the developing geography of a world power in chaos as it tries to rebuild a totalitarian and imperial state into a free-market democracy. The other republics, together with the historical development of Russian lands and empire, are dealt with in so far as they affect the present Russian Federation.

The book, based on the long research and experience of a leading authority on Russian geography, is up to date, accurate and thought provoking. At all stages, the geography is surveyed in relation to historical processes, political, economic and demographic situations. The final chapters look at the regions within Russia, the relations of Russia to the former Soviet republics (the "near abroad") and to the world at large.

This admirably lucid and balanced account is to be strongly recommended to students and all wishing to be intelligently informed about what is still one of the world's greatest powers.

Antony French was formerly senior lecturer in the geography of the USSR, University College London.

Russia in the Modern World: A New Geography

Author - Denis J. B. Shaw
ISBN - 0 631 17903 8 and 18134 2
Publisher - Blackwell
Price - £50.00 and £15.99
Pages - 314

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