Campus webinar: Can universities keep pace with digital transformation?

Three Australian digital education experts from the Campus+ network explore the benefits and risks of AI and VR in teaching and learning, and gauge higher education’s pace of digital transformation



7 Feb 2024
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Created in partnership with

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Key Details

Join three Australian digital education experts as they unpack digital transformation and explain where universities stand to benefit most from digitally enhanced teaching and learning. We also look at the risks involved in using artificial intelligence in higher education and how digital skills can be more equitably distributed among students, staff and institutions.

The webinar panellists are:

Karen Blackmore, a professor and acting head of the School of Information and Physical Sciences at the University of Newcastle, Australia. 

Edward Palmer, a professor and the director of the Unit of Digital Education and Training in the School of Education at the University of Adelaide.

Julie Lindsay, the senior education technology adviser in the Learning and Teaching Futures portfolio at the University of Southern Queensland.

All our speakers are from Campus+ partner institutions. Campus+ is a unique opportunity to become a contributing partner to the resources, tools and advice published on Campus.

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