Tips for success in academic publishing

Advice on how to get started, publish and thrive when sharing your research and expertise in the world of academic publishing

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Whether you’re an early career researcher just starting out or an experienced professor with a high h-index, you'll be familiar with the highs and lows of academic publishing and could probably benefit from a bit of advice on how to improve your writing and publishing skills. From journal submissions to book proposals, dealing with rejection to understanding peer review, this collection provides tips and insights for use on every step of the journey from bright idea to polished output.

Writing about the day job: levelling up scholarship across higher education

Tutors with full class schedules have little capacity for research but by focusing on the scholarship of teaching and learning, they can contribute valuable insights supported by their day job, write Russ Woodward and Tim Veal

Russell Woodward, Tim Veal

University Centre, Grimsby: The TEC Partnership

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Reworking writing