How to achieve equity in higher education

Deconstructing equity, diversity and inclusion, part one: how to ensure a rich variety of students and staff have a fair chance to thrive within universities

Why is equity so important in education and how can it be achieved?

This is the first part in our series unpicking the equity, diversity and inclusion work that has become a mainstay at universities around the world. Find advice on adapting pedagogies and services to support varied needs and talents across your campus community, and to close the equity gap so that each individual can fulfil their potential. These resources answer questions including what is equity? How can you bring equity into your teaching and research practices? And how can universities be equitable employers?

Do we need equity or equality to make things ‘fair’? Actually, we need both

Fair, to some people, means everyone getting the same thing. But that’s only fair if everyone begins at the same place and needs the same things to succeed, says Todd Zakrajsek

Todd Zakrajsek

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill