Champion inclusion on your campus

Deconstructing equity, diversity and inclusion, part three: how to create a university where all students and staff feel welcomed and valued

Collection of resources offering advice on fostering inclusion in higher education

As universities strive to improve diversity across higher education, they must also work to ensure all students and staff feel welcomed, seen and heard. This is where inclusion becomes central to the advancement of EDI. This collection of resources offers suggestions for how to create a campus where everyone feels they are represented and respected in teaching environments, research practices and recruitment policies.

It is about ‘people knowing who I am’: reflections on how to guide inclusion work in universities

Advice on using a framework called ‘the Inclusion Compass’ to guide inclusion work within universities, based on a pan-European research project carried out to explore how this could work across higher education

George Koutsouris, Lauren Stentiford , Tricia Nash

University of Exeter

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