THE podcast: what Freeman Hrabowski wants you to know about inclusivity

Having difficult conversations, building trust and analysing student data are all part of Freeman Hrabowski’s approach to inclusivity at UMBC

Freeman Hrabowski's avatar
University of Maryland Baltimore County
5 Jul 2022
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Key Details

During his 30-year tenure, Freeman Hrabowski, the outgoing president of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, has transformed UMBC from a small branch of the University System of Maryland into one of the leading producers of black STEM graduates in the US.

In this interview, Freeman talks about how to have the difficult conversations that identify where students needs are not being met. He also discusses how UMBC uses granular data to identify students who might be falling behind, and how inclusivity work is the tide that raises all boats so everyone benefits.

Find more resources about how to champion inclusion on your campus on THE Campus.

Freeman Hrabowski’s first book:
The Empowered University, by Freeman Hrabowski III, with Philip J. Rous and Peter H. Henderson

Research quoted in the introduction:
“A critical exploration of inclusion policies of elite UK universities”, by George Koutsouris, Lauren Stentiford, Brahm Norwich, in British Educational Research Journal


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