The latest psychology textbooks

November 23, 2007

Biological Psychology
Author: Frederick Toates
Edition: Second
Publisher: Pearson
Price: £38.98
ISBN 9781405854016

The author, an Open University professor with 40 years' experience teaching the subject, provides an update of this introductory text covering core concepts and debates central to understanding the brain and the biological basis of human behaviour. There is expanded material on evolutionary psychology and consciousness, and a companion website with gradetracker.

Biological Psychology
Authors: Steve Klein and B. Michael Thorne
Edition: First
Publisher: Worth
Price: £38.99
ISBN 9780716767138

Mississippi State University academics Steve Klein and B. Michael Thorne deliver a text with original art renderings, Scientific American spotlights and study aids that include a running glossary, chapter reviews, companion website and tools for instructors.

An Introduction to Health Psychology
Authors: Val Morrison and Paul Bennett
Edition: First
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Price: £29.99
ISBN 9780130994080

Val Morrison of the University of Wales, Bangor and Paul Bennett of Swansea University address all mainstream health psychology topics from managing stress to population approaches to public health, as well as contemporary issues such as cross-cultural dimensions to illness.

Social Psychology and Human Nature
Authors: Roy Baumeister and Brad Bushman
Edition: First
Publisher: Thomson Learning
Price: £34.99
ISBN 9780495116356

Florida State University's Roy Baumeister and the University of Michigan's Brad Bushman's introductory text offers a lively approach, encouraging readers' natural interest in the mysteries and paradoxes of human behaviour. Topics covered include social cognition, prosocial behaviour and prejudice and intergroup relations.

Understanding Biological Psychology
Author: Philip Corr
Edition: First
Publisher: Blackwell
Price: £19.99
ISBN 9780631219545

The author aims to give conceptual clarity to a complex field in covering a core area of the undergraduate syllabus, focusing on end uses of biological psychology rather than treating it as an end in itself.

Introduction to Social Psychology
Authors: Miles Hewstone, Wolfgang Stroebe and Klaus Jonas
Edition: Fourth
Publisher: Blackwell
Price: £29.99
ISBN 9781405124003

This update of the classic text promises contributions from across the continent, improved illustration and design, greater consistency of writing style, new pedagogical features and chapters reflecting changes in the discipline, including coverage of qualitative research.

The Visual Brain in Action
Authors: David Milner and Melvyn Goodale
Edition: Second
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Price: £29.95
ISBN 9780198524724

The authors refresh a 1995 text with a substantial new epilogue, reviewing recent key developments in psychology, neuroscience and behaviour, supporting or challenging the thesis about the brain's two kinds of vision (conscious and unconscious). Notably, the new material focuses on neuroimaging, which was in its earliest stages when the work was first written.

Research in Psychology: A Practical Guide to Methods and Statistics
Author: Colin Dyer
Edition: Second
Publisher: Blackwell
Price: £19.99
ISBN 9781405125260

This book is intended as an accessible and concise introduction to research methods and statistics in the field, with a focus on the practicalities, making it suitable for those with little experience of these procedures. It is focuses on two main themes, methods and data analysis, and has an introductory chapter on the epistemological essentials of psychology and science.

Personality/Psychology: Domains of Knowledge about Human Nature
Authors Randy Larsen and David Buss
Edition Third
Publisher McGraw Hill
Price £36.99
ISBN 9780071101684

Randy Larsen (Washington University) and David Buss (University of Texas, Austin) organise this introductory text around six domains of personality functioning -- biological, intrapsychic, dispositional, phenomenological, socio-cultural, and adjustment-adaptive -- and takes the view that the “whole person” is the sum of the effects of all six. New edition includes up-to-date research, restructured material and supporting website.

Theories of Personality
Author Richard Ryckman
Edition Ninth
Publisher Wadsworth
Price £39.99
ISBN 9780495099574

Experimental social psychologist Richard Ryckman of the University of Maine has extensively revised this text, which centres on an objective theory-by-theory approach, in addition to background on scientific criteria for judging theories and a conclusion that examines the ways theories stimulate additional research efforts.

Psychology for Nurses and the Caring Professions
Authors Jan Walker, Sheila Payne, Paula Smith and Nikki Jarrett
Edition Third
Publisher Open University Press
Price £24.99
ISBN 9780335223862

How do psychological factors influence outcomes in medical care? Southampton, Sheffield and Lancaster university academics offer a comprehensive update to this text that takes account of major changes in health care education and the delivery of health care services in the last decade, with descriptions of psychological theories relevant to clinical contexts and practical examples of applications.

Personality Theory and Research: An International Perspective
Author Gordon L. Flett
Edition First
Publisher Wiley
Price £37.95
ISBN 9780470835500

Canadian academic psychologist Gordon Flett seeks to offer a balance between theory and research and between new developments and important historical contributions to the field. Focus on applied research stresses a person-centred approach illustrating the importance of personality and individual differences.

Quantifying Behavior the JWatcher Way
Authors Daniel Blumstein and Janice Daniel
Edition First
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Price £10.99
ISBN 9780878930470

University of California, Los Angeles, academics Daniel Blumstein and Janice Daniel offer a detailed guide to the freely distributed software application JWatcher and its use in addressing theoretical problems that require a sequence of actions to be scored by an observer.

Principles of Neuropsychology
Authors Eric Zillmer, Mary Spiers and William Culbertson
Edition Second
Publisher Wadsworth
Price £35.00
ISBN 9780495007944

US academics offer a functional perspective and applied clinical focus.

Phenomenological Psychology: Theory, Research and Method
Author Darren Langdridge
Edition First
Publisher Prentice Hall, pp
Price £28.99
ISBN 9780131965232

Open University lecturer in social psychology Darren Langdridge aims to provide a “student-friendly” introduction to the study of phenomena, with an emphasis on practical application.

Personality, Individual Differences and Intelligence
Authors John Maltby, Liz Day and Ann Macaskill
Edition First
Publisher Pearson
Price £31.99
ISBN 9780131297609

Leicester and Sheffield Hallam academics’ text introduces the major theories, research findings and debates in the areas of personality, individual differences and intelligence. Written with current British Psychological Society guidelines in mind, it draws connections between the three areas.

Exploring Psychology
Author David Myers
Edition Seventh
Publisher Worth
Price £34.99
ISBN 9780716771418

David Myers of Hope College in Michigan presents an updated version of his textbook. New features include a greater focus on cultural and gender diversity, additional photos, clearer presentation of the biological, psychological and social/cultural influences on behavior and an appendix on careers in psychology. There is a supporting website for students and instructors.

Coaching, Mentoring and Organizational Consultancy: Supervision and Development
Authors Peter Hawkins and Nick Smith
Edition First
Publisher Open University Press
Price £23.99
ISBN 9780335218158

Bath Consultancy group practitioners Peter Hawkins and Nick Smith address the coaching, mentoring and organisational consultancy fields in light of their expansion and professionalisation in the past decade. The title seeks to establish the differences and similarities between the three practices, the personal and professional development necessary for sustainable change, the qualities and skills needed for effective work in these areas and guidelines for practice, while touching on relevant ethical guidelines.

Learning and Behavior: A Contemporary Synthesis
Author Mark Bouton
Edition First
Publisher Sinauer
Price £38.99
ISBN 9780878930630

Fulbright scholar and University of Vermont professor of psychology Mark Bouton offers a text for undergraduates, graduates and “curious professionals” that reflects his conviction that animal learning (his research specialisation) has a central place in psychology. Conversationally titled chapters (“Learning Theory: What it is and how it got this way: “The Nuts and Bolts of Conditioning”; “Whatever happened to Behavior, Anyway?”) are organised to show how knowledge accumulates through the development of theory and research.

Work in the 21st Century: An Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Authors Frank Landy and Jeffrey Conte
Edition Second
Publisher Blackwell
Price £36.99
ISBN 9781405144346

Frank Landy (Penn State University) and Jeffrey Conte (San Diego State University) offer an updated version of their text, with recent case studies focusing on the Iraq invasion and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Modular approach to topics including the Five Factor theory of personality, the Big Eight theory of competencies, work-life balance, male versus female leaders, cross-cultural teams and bullying.

SPSS Survival Manual
Author Julie Pallant
Edition Third
Publisher Open University Press
Price £.99
ISBN 9780335223664

Julie Pallant, a research coordinator in the faculty of medicine at the University of Melbourne, offers a functional and concise guide for both beginners and experienced users of the SPSS data analysis software package — a target group that includes students and researchers in psychology, education, business, sociology, health and allied professions. The book is supported by a website with sample data and report-writing guidelines.

Psychology and You: An Informal Introduction
Authors Julia Berryman, Elizabeth Ockleford, Kevin Howells, David Hargreaves and Diane Wildbur
Edition Third
Publisher Blackwell
Price £18.99
ISBN 9781405126984

Leicester, Nottingham, Roehampton and De Montfort academics update their introductory text. Content new to this edition includes additional chapters on the brain, health psychology and careers in the discipline; “methodology boxes” providing greater clarity in complex concepts; additional pedagogical features including in-chapter exercises; and more examples from everyday life.

Manual of Clinical Psychopharmacology
Authors Alan Schatzberg, Jonathan Cole and Charles De Battista
Edition Sixth
Publisher American Psychiatric Press
Price £50,50
ISBN 9781585623174

Senior Stanford and Harvard professors of psychiatry offer a clinical perspective and practical advice on the use of psychotropic medication in the treatment of some psychiatric conditions in a work aimed at practitioners as well as students in nursing and pharmacy. The book includes up-to-date information on antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilisers, antianxiety agents, hypnotics, stimulants and herbal and dietary supplements.

Social Psychology
Author David Myers
Edition Ninth
Publisher McGraw Hill
Price £35.99
ISBN 9780071101691

Fully updated with the latest research, this text continues to be one of the standard setters in the field of Social Psychology. With a logical progression through the study of how people think about, influence, and relate to one another, students can clearly see the relevance of social psychology.

Author Neil Martin, Neil Carlson and William Buskist
Edition Third
Publisher Allyn and Bacon
Price £35.99
ISBN 978-1405854061

Accompanied by an online study guide that is designed to enhance the learning experience, this text offers a blend of theory and illustrative case studies to introduce students to the central concepts in every major field of psychology. It also includes an appendix with basic statistical information for junior undergraduates.

Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology
Author Ronald Comer
Edition Sixth
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Price £42.99
ISBN 978-0716769064

This text is a comprehensive introduction to the field of Abnormal Psychology, outlining all major theoretical models of abnormality whilst examining controversies and the latest research methods. Suitable for junior and senior undergraduates, Comer uses hundreds of case studies to illustrate throughout.

Cognitive Psychology – International Student Edition
Author E. Bruce Goldstein
Edition Second
Publisher Wadsworth
Price £32.99
ISBN 9780495095576

Linking the complex processes that occur in the mind during seemingly simple everyday activities, this text gives equal weighting to the landmark studies and the cutting edge research in the field. The text has been fully updated to reflect the most contemporary research, and comes with a software package allowing students to take part in cognitive experiments.

Health Psychology
Author Richard O. Straub
Edition Second
Publisher Worth
Price £41.99
ISBN 9780716764502

The University of Michigan-Dearborn professor investigates the psychology behind why we get ill, how we stay healthy and our relationship with health care and health care providers. The text encourages creative thinking and real-world applications, and has been fully revised with the latest major trends in the field.

Introduction to Psychology
Author James Kalat
Edition Eighth
Publisher Wadsworth
Price £39.99
ISBN 9780495102922

This text encourages students to question it in order to stimulate creative thought. Geared towards getting students to relate psychology to their everyday lives, this eighth edition has been revised and updated to ensure that it is wholly relevant. A CD-ROM with all the key supplements is included.

Psychology Themes and Variations
Author Wayne Weiten
Edition Seventh
Publisher Wadsworth
Price £39.99
ISBN 9780495102052

This seventh edition has been edited down in order to help students study and retain what they study more effectively. Ideal for junior undergraduates, this text aims to demonstrate how easily theoretical psychology can be applied within a course and also within everyday life. A glossary of terms is integrated into the text to make sure it is accessible at all times.

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