Geography and Environmental Science round-up

February 25, 2010

Global Environmental Politics

Authors: Pamela S. Chasek, David L. Downie and Janet Welsh Brown

Edition: Fifth

Publisher: Perseus/Westview

Pages: 504

Price: £25.99

ISBN 9780813344423

For nearly two decades, this text has sought to offer a topical and comprehensive primer on environmental issues. This updated edition provides detailed material on international environmental regimes, climate change and the increased role of the environment in global security.

Ecosystem Geography: From Ecoregions to Sites

Author: Robert G. Bailey

Edition: Second revised

Publisher: Springer

Pages: 243

Price: £35.99

ISBN 9781441903914

This text's 1996 first edition offered a much-needed overview of the field, incorporating the principles underlying the mapping of ecosystems in a manner accessible to undergraduates and practitioners alike. The second edition provides new information, with additional sections examining the determination of ecoregion boundaries and the impact of climate change; empirical and genetic approaches to classification; and human modification to ecosystems.

The Geopolitics of South Asia: From Early Empires to the Nuclear Age

Author: Graham P. Chapman

Edition: Third revised

Publisher: Ashgate

Pages: 382

Price: £65.00 and £25.00

ISBN 9780754672982 and 3019

Chapman examines the three major forces of integration in the region - identitive, utilitarian and coercive - to explore how the organisation of territory has been central to its historic, cultural and economic development. This revised third edition adds material on the Northeastern borderlands, supplementing material in the second edition on the Northwestern frontier, Afghanistan and Kashmir.

Fundamentals of Physical Geography

Authors: James Petersen, Dorothy Sack and Robert E. Gabler

Edition: First international

Publisher: Cengage

Pages: 496

Price: £44.99

ISBN 9780538736589

In exploring the human environment, this book focuses on three key themes: geography from a physical science perspective, from a spatial perspective, and from an environmental perspective. Extensive visual elements, online resources, topical real-world content and critical thinking questions aim to provide comprehensive coverage suitable for a one-term course.

Environmental Science

Authors: G. Tyler Miller Jr and Scott Spoolman

Edition: Thirteenth international

Publisher: Cengage

Pages: 552

Price: £42.99

ISBN 97804955602

Taking sustainability as its main theme, this book focuses on natural capital and its degradation and the role played by individuals and economies. Critical thinking is encouraged via case studies, quantitative data analysis exercises and up-to-date content.

Urban Wildlife Management

Authors: Clark E. Adams and Kieran J. Lindsey

Edition: Second

Publisher: CRC Press

Pages: 432

Price: £63.99

ISBN 9781439804605

Newly updated, this text seeks to offer a significant shift in the way that human-wildlife interactions are managed. Taking a holistic, ecosystems approach and gathering data from academic sources and media, the authors aim to assess the complete nature of the problem. The second edition adds contributions from wildlife specialists, more case studies, single species profiles and new chapters on urban soils, urban waters and zoonotic diseases.

Global Climate Change: Convergence of Disciplines

Author: Arnold J. Bloom

Edition: First

Publisher: Sinauer Associates

Pages: 400

Price: £37.99

ISBN 97808789302

As governments act to address the impact of human activities on the global climate, this topical text considers the factors responsible and the geophysical, economic, legal and cultural consequences. Bloom emphasises the complex issues influencing decision-making in chapters covering the history of the Earth's climate, future modelling, the impact of rising CO2 levels, mitigation strategies in a number of industries, the economics of climate change and cultural factors.

Geographies of Media and Communication

Author: Paul C. Adams

Edition: First

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Pages: 288

Price: £50.00 and £19.99

ISBN 9781405154130 and 4147

Adams seeks to demonstrate the way in which geographical approaches can offer opportunities for analysis of familiar and less familiar aspects of communication. Themes are organised in a four-part structure of media in spaces, spaces in media, media in places and places in media. The "cultural turn" in geography, Adams argues, is the result of geographers' growing awareness of a variety of theories about communication.

Social Geography: A Critical Introduction

Author: Vincent Del Casino Jr

Edition: First

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Pages: 336

Price: £50.00 and £19.99

ISBN 9781405154994 and 5007

Offering an overview of key debates in social geographic research and theory, and considering the historical development of the field, Del Casino explores the organisation of rural and urban spaces in ways that both construct and perpetuate social inequality. The text contextualises the assumptions of schools of thought over the course of their evolution and aims to help students address key methodologies.

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