Business & management round-up

May 27, 2010

Work and Organizational Behaviour

Authors: John Bratton, Peter Sawchuk, Carolyn Forshaw, Militza Callinan and Martin Corbett

Edition: Second

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Pages: 560

Price: £39.99

ISBN 9780230230613

This second edition includes a chapter on organisational culture, alongside extra coverage on work-life balance, identity, emotion and corporate social responsibility. Providing thorough case studies and links to popular films, it aims to explain to readers what truly motivates people in the workplace.

Quantitative Methods

Authors: Louise Swift and Sally Piff

Edition: Third

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Pages: 856

Price: £38.99

ISBN 9780230218246

A comprehensive textbook designed primarily for undergraduate business students taking an introductory course on quantitative methods. Starting with no assumptions about students' knowledge, the authors use numerous examples, checkpoints and assessments to encourage "learning by doing". This third edition has been updated to include content on data and text mining, non-parametric methods, index numbers and productivity software tools.

Leisure: An Introduction

Authors: Stephen Page and Joanne Connell

Edition: First

Publisher: Pearson Education

Pages: 544

Price: £29.99

ISBN 97803726494

Exploring key concepts and theories and drawing on examples and case studies in the field, this text intends to offer a broad understanding of the meaning, significance and scope of leisure in modern-day society, with a global and interdisciplinary perspective on all the main issues associated with the study of leisure.

Economics for Business and CWG pack

Authors: John Sloman, Kevin Hinde and Dean Garratt

Edition: Fifth

Publisher: Pearson Education

Pages: 840

Price: £46.99

ISBN 97803722526

This edition has been revised to include issues facing today's business world. Featuring case studies that include organisations such as Hotel Chocolat and the production of the Apple iPod, it seeks to show how economic theory relates to actual business issues and practice.

Organizing and Organizations

Authors: Stephen Fineman, Yiannis Gabriel and David Sims

Edition: Fourth

Publisher: SAGE Publications

Pages: 512

Price: £85.00 and £29.99

ISBN 9781848600850 and 0867

This fourth edition builds on the successes of its predecessors and includes review questions and chapters on influence and power, and innovation and change.

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Authors: Paul Griseri and Nina Seppala

Edition: First

Publisher: Cengage

Pages: 250

Price: £37.99

ISBN 9781408007433

By focusing on an international perspective, this text seeks to provide its readers with an understanding of business ethics, guiding them through the challenges and turbulences of modern business and its implications for people across the globe.

Strategic Management

Authors: Barry J. Witcher and Vinh Sum Chau

Edition: First

Publisher: Cengage

Pages: 352

Price: £33.99

ISBN 9781844809936

Incorporating coverage of the recent financial crisis along with other global examples, this volume examines a diverse range of environments to reflect the globalised and unstable nature of contemporary business.

Business Research Methods: A Practical Approach

Authors: Sheila Cameron and Deborah Price

Edition: First

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Pages: 640

Price: £39.99

ISBN 9781843982289

Exploring why research is done and how best to ensure it is meaningful for organisations, this guide seeks to aid students in undertaking a research project and provides a practical approach relevant to the real world.

Marketing for Managers: A Practical Approach

Author: Leyland F. Pitt

Edition: Second

Publisher: Juta Publishing

Pages: 335

Price: £23.00

ISBN 9780702159336

The second edition of this text has been updated to include material on areas including competitive advantage, competitive strategies, customer service and product management and introducing its readers to issues underpinning marketing concepts and strategies.

Beating the Commodity Trap: How to Maximise Your Competitive Position and Increase Your Pricing Power

Author: Richard D'Aveni

Edition: First

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Pages: 224

Price: £19.99

ISBN 9781422103159

This text draws on a study of more than 30 industries to present businesses with the devices to diagnose and strengthen their competitive position and supply them with a novel approach for fighting against the pitfalls of commoditisation.

Making Sense of Business

Author: Alison Branagan

Edition: First

Publisher: Kogan Page

Pages: 208

Price: £12.99

ISBN 9780749454869

Branagan presents guidance on the key skills required for successful business. Utilising mind maps and creative exercises throughout, she aims to encourage readers to think innovatively in order to acquire and build on expertise.

An Introduction to Global Financial Markets

Authors: Stephen Valdez and Philip Molyneux

Edition: Sixth revised

Publisher: Palgrave

Pages: 528

Price: £29.99

ISBN 9780230243095

The authors aim to provide clear and authoritative coverage of commercial and investment banking, foreign exchange, money and bond markets, stock markets and derivatives and, in a chapter new to this edition, an up-to-date analysis of the global financial crisis and banking regulation.

Networks in Action

Authors: Gerard Sierksma and Diptesh Ghosh

Edition: First

Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York

Pages: 186

Price: £53.99

ISBN 9781441955128

This text examines a range of network optimisation problems that require analysis and solution with the use of the computer. Providing an overview of the modelling and implementation process, it also utilises case studies based on a fictitious company throughout to aid readers in learning.

Managerial Accounting, International Student Version

Author: James Jiambalvo

Edition: Fourth

Publisher: Wiley

Pages: 600

Price: £48.99

ISBN 9780470505953

Jiambalvo aims to present the key concepts that are required to make informed decisions. New sections and case studies have been incorporated to enable managers and students to gain the required critical and applied thinking skills that are especially important in today's competitive environment.

Unlocking the Business Environment

Authors: John Brinkman, Ilva Navarro Bateman, Donna Harper and Caroline Hodgson

Edition: First

Publisher: Hodder Education

Pages: 352

Price: £19.99

ISBN 9780340942079

Aimed at first-year undergraduate students of business studies, this text divides the subject into the internal and external environment and discusses the interface between the two. Featuring regular self-testing exercises and discussion points, it seeks to encourage the reader to reflect on what they are learning. The text contains relevant and "household name" case studies, ensuring that it is highly topical and engaging.

Principles of Supply Chain Management

Authors: Richard E. Crandall, William Crandall and Charlie C. Chen

Edition: First

Publisher: CRC Press/Taylor and Francis

Pages: 645

Price: £57.99

ISBN 9781420091076

Providing the logic behind why supply chain management is essential, this text details its individual components to illustrate how the elements must come together for it to function effectively. It also examines how supply chains are evolving, and looks ahead to future developments in the field.

Corporate Tribalism: White Men/White Women and Cultural Diversity at Work

Authors: Thomas Kochman and Jean Mavrelis

Edition: First

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

Pages: 256

Price: £15.50

ISBN 9780226449579

Examining the cultural backgrounds that motivate the behaviours of white males and females in the workplace, the authors focus on the conflicts that females face with males, other females and themselves to emphasise the need for a multicultural as opposed to a homogenising approach.

Fixed Income Securities: Valuation, Risk, and Risk Management

Author: Pietro Veronesi

Edition: First

Publisher: Wiley

Pages: 848

Price: £43.99

ISBN 9780470109106

This text aims to further understanding of the complex issues affecting the valuation, risk and return of fixed-income securities, by providing a methodology rather than a shopping list. It provides examples that can be applied universally, once the basic concepts have been understood, and features universal methodologies that can be applied to everyday situations.

Managing the Global Workforce

Authors: Paula Caligiuri, David Lepak and Jaime Bonache

Edition: First

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Pages: 240

Price: £24.99

ISBN 97814051073

In today's highly competitive global business environment, organisations are aggressively competing for new markets, products, services and top talent. Human resources, as all other resources in multinational firms, are now being managed on a global scale. Covering three key areas for managing workers worldwide, this text deals with issues such as the cross- border differences in employment and labour laws, and offers solutions on how to resolve cross-cultural paradoxes.

Creative Strategy: Reconnecting Business and Innovation

Authors: Chris Bilton and Stephen Cummings

Edition: First

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Pages: 240

Price: £24.99

ISBN 9781405180191

Arguing that creativity and strategy are more comparable than previously thought, the authors draw on experiences and case studies from across the business world to suggest that an active alignment of the two forms of thinking can lead to more effective innovation and entrepreneurship in the future.

Float: Pilkington's Glass Revolution

Author: David J. Bricknell

Edition: First

Publisher: Carnegie Publishing

Pages: 256

Price: £20.00

ISBN 9781905472116

This account by the Pilkington brothers' former company secretary looks at the invention, initial development and exploitation of the float process - a product that has transformed the built environment worldwide - and explores how the company became a dominant force in the world of glass.

Management across Cultures: Challenges and Strategies

Authors: Richard M. Steers, Carlos Sanchez-Runde and Luciara Nardon

Edition: First

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Pages: 458

Price: £70.00 and £.99

ISBN 9780521513432 and 734974

By investigating the varying management practices across national and regional boundaries, the authors seek to examine the reasons behind why these differences exist. Drawing on recent research to explain the cultural and psychological motives that shape managerial behaviours, they present methods by which global managers can develop strategies and tactics to cope with the differences.

Unlocking Human Resource Management

Authors: Margaret Inman, Nuala O'Sullivan and Adrian Murton

Edition: First

Publisher: Hodder Education

Pages: 416

Price: £19.99

ISBN 9781444111866

Comprising learning material as opposed to reference material, this volume intends to help its readers make the transition to undergraduate studies. It features case studies, exercises and seminar ideas, covering the key concepts and ideas.

Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Author: Simon Down

Edition: First

Publisher: SAGE Publications

Pages: 256

Price: £75.00 and £24.99

ISBN 9781412908849 and 0125

Down explores core themes and topics in the study of enterprise, alongside issues that are often overlooked such as criminal entrepreneurs and the black market, ethnic and indigenous entrepreneurship, and the demise of Enron.

How the Global Financial Markets Really Work

Author: Alexander Davidson

Edition: First

Publisher: Kogan Page

Pages: 320

Price: £15.99

ISBN 9780749453930

This investigation into the factors that shape international monetary flows seeks to demonstrate how circumstances in one country can influence the financial environment in many others. It also provides an insight into the unique issues facing emergent markets such as in Eastern Europe, India and China.

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