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Suitcase left unattended in airport

Weekly transmissions from the blogosphere

Twitter tweet button on Apple Mac keyboard

A medical journal now requires submissions to be accompanied by a Twitter-length summary

Spelling mistake/typo pinned to corkboard

Is it fair to laugh at students’ mistakes? Anger at THE’s annual exam howlers competition has generated a wave of self-published mistakes

Illustration of a powerful person in the middle of a crowd

Does power corrupt? THE’s Twitter followers put the proposition to the test

Businessman with foot in mouth

Sir Tim Hunt’s comments about ‘girls’ in science provoke online storm

Businessman holding an egg timer

Hourly paid lecturers at Reading find further confirmation of teaching assistants’ unpaid overtime, and call for dialogue on procedures and expectations

Men holding hands, same sex marriage

Reflecting on the Irish vote and social change, a vice-chancellor lauds universities’ role in providing a forum for debate

Map of Europe with flag pins on countries

Not everyone is a fan of a campaign to highlight ‘the historical myths that surround the EU'

How one academic stood up for fact in an error-strewn world

Scholars imagine a government formed of academics

University is pairing with edX in a move that has been described as ‘good for nobody’

Which party scores highest for one policy nerd?

As part of its #GenerationVote campaign, the National Union of Students asked Tory, Green, Lib Dem and Labour candidates about higher education policies

An academic is puzzled over a string of ‘surreal’ emails from journals

Context and motive are key to concerns about limits on freedom within and without the academy

One scholar imagines a university league table that puts the emphasis on fairness and diversity

A whistleblower’s account of how an institution manipulated graduate employment statistics made for sobering reading, but it also drove the Twitterati to drink-related puns

PhD candidates and bloggers offer hard-won advice on self-care

The UK sector gathers to hear and debate the major parties’ poll positions on higher education

A physicist on the ‘shameless exploitation’ of low-pay sessional lecturing that leaves his family officially classed as ‘poor’