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Labour’s pledge to axe fees suggests that ever-higher charges may not be inevitable, but tough choices between university priorities seem unavoidable

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Higher education might not be a central issue in the UK’s general election campaign, but it certainly has much riding on the outcome

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As universities rely on multiple income streams to stay afloat, private money comes with caveats and portfolios must balance profit and principle

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Women’s pay still lags behind men’s, and a lack of transparency around salaries makes it all the harder to address

Democrats and Republicans disagreeing

In an age of political civil war, the question of why the Right is so under-represented in academia is important

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While some fear a dystopian outcome in which private innovators bypass the university, others are more sanguine about the potential threats to the sector

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Data, and the increasingly sophisticated way it is martialled, has enabled remarkable improvements in graduation rates and quality of education

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Excellence in an institution is measured by the value of its research and the quality of its teaching, not by the height of the ivy on its walls

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In a unique but under-pressure university system, there is still cause for optimism, as the new Times Higher Education Japan University Rankings show

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How do you solve a problem like REF selection? Research-active status may be defined by formal or informal means, but is there a realistic alternative?

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Tertiary education must be considered as a whole if governments are to prepare the workforce they need

Crawling under net

Theresa May’s new industrial strategy will support universities’ R&D, but more partnerships with business – while never entirely risk-free – are needed

Asian students

Since the Brexit vote, UK institutions have been losing friends and influence around the world. That will continue unless they win political support

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Modern languages are struggling in an inward-looking nation. Revival may come by showing the young they are a route to a more connected world

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Teaching is being looked at seriously by the government, but those providing still feel overlooked and underappreciated

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Our age of unenlightenment demands that institutions share their intellectual and moral capital with the communities around them

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Top universities recognise that groundbreaking ideas don’t all develop and stay in one country, and neither do those who create and study them

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As the US wrestles with a strongman premier, could more authoritarian leadership help universities battered by funding woes and disciplinary tyranny?

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What is a university? The Lords debate on the HE bill asked this very question and reminds us that in 2017, clarifying their purpose is more vital than ever


As campus fortunes fluctuate with changing oil, currency and tuition prices, a Brexit bounce is a possibility. The state can steer the academy towards it