French sign

Modern languages are struggling in an inward-looking nation. Revival may come by showing the young they are a route to a more connected world

A teacher turned to face the blackboard

Teaching is being looked at seriously by the government, but those providing still feel overlooked and underappreciated

Trump protester

Our age of unenlightenment demands that institutions share their intellectual and moral capital with the communities around them

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Top universities recognise that groundbreaking ideas don’t all develop and stay in one country, and neither do those who create and study them

Statue of Caesar

As the US wrestles with a strongman premier, could more authoritarian leadership help universities battered by funding woes and disciplinary tyranny?

Statue behind a fence

What is a university? The Lords debate on the HE bill asked this very question and reminds us that in 2017, clarifying their purpose is more vital than ever


As campus fortunes fluctuate with changing oil, currency and tuition prices, a Brexit bounce is a possibility. The state can steer the academy towards it

Woman with VR goggles

Virtual reality may be set to make an impact on learning, but can it reveal who will keep their resolutions?

Truck tyre damaged by bumpy road

Brexit. Trump and his howling climate changers. A sector bête noire as PM. The TEF. Turkey. Ed Balls cutting a rug. It’s been a year, all right

Protesters attacking statue

That students debate how to treat campus memorials to figures linked with unsavoury historical events is perhaps a fitting legacy

Shoppers queue outside Selfridges department store, London

Few disagree that more higher education is a good thing, but it’s tricky to balance universities’ costs and manageable fees

Woman holding sexism is a social disease sign

The male chauvinism faced by female political leaders is not worlds away from that too often encountered in academia

Man standing in front of Turkish national flag

In the TACTICS nations, just as in the UK and the US, universities and democracy depend on each other

Man riding bicycle past United States of America flag

As scholars in the UK and US mull the future after Trump’s triumph and Brexit, academics must focus on making society’s walls fall

Two people on the beach looking out to sea

As push-pull factors exert their force on scholars in the UK, the Article 50 ruling buys universities more time to argue their case against a shifting EU backdrop

Person preparing to be fired from cannon

Western universities’ desire to go abroad and multiply, in a variety of models, is not always ill-advised

Anti-riot policeman reacts towards student protestor, University of the Witwatersrand

Campus violence could halt the homeward flow of the internationally mobile researchers South Africa’s academy needs

Man knocking on Britain’s door

The government is a broken record on overseas student numbers when all the evidence suggests that academic mobility is a win-win situation

Man entering maze

Pursuit of excellence, showcased in the WSJ/THE College Rankings, must run parallel with the mission of social mobility 

Group of open doors on parched earth

As state universities struggle in the face of funding cuts, we must not forget their mission and influence on civilisation itself