Despite the world’s apparent boredom with evidence and truth, it’s clear that universities’ expertise and principles are more vital than ever

29 October

As Covid-19 stalks student halls, universities are accused of allowing intolerance to infect ideals of academic freedom. But is the criticism fair?

15 October

Inequality in higher education, magnified during the pandemic, is not new – what has changed, perhaps, is a rising urgency to do something about it

17 September

The global nature of higher education is its greatest strength, which is now under threat from the effects of Covid, nationalism and industry competition

3 September

HE is already suffering the financial impact of the coronavirus. But could a longer-term effect include a positive shift in mindset over HE’s fundamental role?

12 March

The government may be putting a new emphasis on universities and the role of research, but the attention may also bring new demands for delivery

5 March

International mobility defines many academics’ careers – but how should we weigh the costs and benefits to individuals, and their adopted homes?

27 February

As China’s influence grows, UK scholars question how best to collaborate. A post-Brexit transition may offer change to more than our EU relationship

6 February

Mid-career learners, and some of the world’s biggest employers, are looking beyond the ‘graduate club’ for laser-targeted courses and skills

23 January

Brave researchers who challenge powerful interests and angry activists cannot be left to fight alone: colleagues and institutions must support them

16 January

A decade that changed the world is drawing to a close. Academia’s enduring values can light the path ahead – if we let them

19 December

A decade dominated first by austerity and then by Brexit has brought UK higher education to a tipping point as the election looms

5 December

In a marketised system, student numbers are rising. Small universities offer a collegial approach and, for some, better, not bigger, is the key to excellence

21 November