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Legislation in Missouri and Iowa seeks to curtail right to protected academic posts

Birmingham Color run 2016. Young people with selfie sticks

Universities will need to abandon present ‘constipated’ models and follow Uber’s lead to appeal to prospective students

pro choice advocates (right) and anti abortion advocates (left) rally outside of the supreme court

Contributors hope resource will encourage students to avoid ‘assimilationist’ mindset

Chinese police officer on rollerblades

Scholars are ‘doing as much as they can’ to promote critical thinking among students despite suppression of liberal thought, study claims

MBA applications

Accreditation body’s new report suggests high quality management education still ‘desirable’ in ‘uncertain’ world

Rock climbers

New book finds that although most nations want university open to all, gaps between talk and action can be wide

Vietnamese farmer

UN plan to eradicate gender inequality misses larger problem of low access rates linked to poverty, University of Cambridge experts warn

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New international consortium tackles major energy challenge

Turkish flag

Medical scholar branded a ‘terrorist’ by Turkey over his alleged links to a US-based cleric is named head of an institution in Texas

Young people walk in rundown neighbourhood

Study finds that universities must ‘proactively engage’ with all students to ensure equity in learning 

Tuition fees piggy bank

New president boosts education budget so students do not have to pay

Gender balance

Study of economics scholars by doctoral student suggests bias in way that co-authored papers are viewed

British dean of US business school also questions the ‘strange’ trend of increasing regulation while reducing state funding in the UK sector

South Koreas football coach hugs one player

New analysis reveals importance of old university networks for advancement

A protester wearing a greed mask holding fake money

International project to change curriculum helps UCL students avoid ‘sophomore slump’

Empty colourful seats

Education Ministry statistics reveal programmes that have attracted zero students

Gender neutral

University of Kansas libraries create badges to help staff and students feel more welcome

Dutch tulip field

Report bemoans ‘ruthlessly thick’ glass ceiling on route to professorships

Woman pretends to be a scarecrow

Universities should be providing students with the skills to understand and handle media manipulation, say academics behind a new study

A woman with an owl balanced on her head

Reading popular science articles causes non-scientists to overrate their expertise, research finds