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Glass with bullet holes

For the second time in a month the American University of Afghanistan has been targeted

Chinese English dictionary

New English journals are ‘springing up like mushrooms’ so research can be read internationally, says report

Woman making plaster puppet

Levels of nepotism in scientific publishing have been revealed by report

Small man standing next to giant

Maxine Joselow, for Inside Higher Ed, looks at two colleges that are going for tiny living in terms of student accommodation 

Residential apartments in Hong Kong

Compared with 20 years ago, young graduates face a much greater struggle buying flats, which some fear could stall social mobility

Gender pay gap

More than three-quarters of staff who will receive pay rises are female or ethnic minorities

Silhouette of people working on oil rig at sunset

Outgoing British Council director in Iraq sees reasons for optimism, despite rise of Islamic State


New visa rules have failed to halt a decline in foreign graduates applying for work in Sweden after graduation

Advert placed by students at Pitzer College leads to national discussion on racial mixes in accommodation 

Burning tyre

Institutions warn of financial peril if increase is not permitted by ministers

Laser cutting metal

Government plans rise in research spending to 2.5 per cent of GDP, far above UK

Group of scientists working in laboratory

European researchers call for a ‘radical reorganisation’ to help undergraduates and PhD students access grants

Turkish flag

Senior figure sees ‘strong signals’ that Turkey’s academy has been infiltrated, despite international criticism

Young female student smiling and looking at computer monitor

Sub-Saharan Africa’s first online university will help other institutions in the region to embrace technology, says co-founder

greece, greek flag, european union

Greek researchers from US institutions hit out at controversial plan drawn up by University of Texas economist

Move by Hamilton College in New York sparks discussion about prescriptive attempts to change curricula

Israeli soldiers at the West Bank

Scholar argues that discussion could benefit from more light and less heat

Rosie Bateson, Asian University for Women (AUW)

However, dean at Asian University for Women in Bangladesh says the number of female leaders on the continent is rising

Chinese student and parent

New report indicates that more doesn’t always mean more equal

People using apple to coax horse through gate

Bill Boulding of Fuqua School of Business says higher education must create a culture of public trust in academia through those they educate

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