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Ana Deletic

The award-winning professor discusses Yugoslavia’s war, women and engineering, and how nationalism hurts research

Miniature technicians repair a computer

Arizona argues delivering dual degrees in branded space is more sustainable than opening a traditional branch campus

Glyn Davis, University of Melbourne

Academic who has led Australia’s leading university since 2005 to return to research and teaching

Coal miners sitting around radio in briefcase

But research organisations say proposed directive does not go far enough and could hinder links with companies

boxing fight

Call from government advisers to evaluate teaching quality, echoing England's TEF, could still go ahead

Australia direction

Undergraduate student numbers at for-profit colleges grows almost 20 per cent between 2013 and 2015

Carlos Moedas, European Union (EU) Commissioner

European Commissioner for research sees Jordan investment as contribution to peace and stability

Ghana flags, THE Africa Universities Summit 2016

Nana Akufo-Addo tells student audience that country must invest in education to prosper

builder moving drywall

All-Ireland student visa needed to cope with Brexit fallout, says v-c

EU flags in front of EU parliament

European Parliament calls for start of proceedings that could strip Hungary of EU voting rights

Reflection of Facebook logo on person's eye

Human rights lawyer faces jail for sharing post by exiled academic under Thailand’s lese-majesty rules

Romania protest

Overseas members and evaluators excluded in what critics claim is a power grab

Knife cutting pie into slices

As talks begin on Horizon 2020 successor, advisory body says level of competition prevents open data sharing

trying to take the wheel

Taylor and Francis move to replace editor and withdraw his paper threatens ‘scientific integrity’, critics claim

teamwork race

Group of top Asian institutions aims to boost research collaboration and increase mobility

cutting hair with giant scissors

Analysis finds new bachelor’s graduates do well in labour market, particularly those from more practically focused universities

hungary riot police

In Hungary, Poland, Germany and elsewhere, populist politicians are taking aim at the discipline

Understanding reasons for population movements could help European countries forge more effective responses

REF linguistics languages merger manchester

Plans for higher education reform rule out institution closures

dogs keep watch

Increased scrutiny of US sector and distrust of academics puts traditional quality assurance models in question