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India map

Higher education regulator moves to correct confusion over status of specialist institutions

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Academic warns universities need to take impact of accent on credibility seriously as it has ‘demotivated’ overseas lecturers

Middle East

Six out of 10 among 278 anonymous respondents admit to at least one incident of misconduct

Paolo Macchiarini, Karolinska Institute

Swedish research ethics board finds researchers guilty of scientific misconduct


Kishore Mahbubani sparked backlash after suggesting Singapore should 'behave like a small state'

New programme hopes to take Israel-US 'academic friendship to the next level’

Group of students

Over the past decade, women have opened up a significant lead over men in graduation rates

Advancing capabilities of stem cells could mean researchers run into legal difficulties once more, European academies warn

Enemy at the drawbridge

Measures taken to target high dropout rate could make universities more attractive to domestic and international students

Puerto Rico hurricane damage

Universities worry that young scientists affected by humanitarian crisis might ‘leave and not return’

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Institutions left ‘bemused’ by ratings delivered by pilot

Ningbo, China

Ningbo campus provost threatens legal action over ‘deliberate misrepresentation’

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Paris and Brussels are now taking legal action against sites critics accuse of 'pimping'

Mexico City

Five people were killed at Monterrey Institute of Technology during 7.1 magnitude earthquake in September

Map of Turkey

Scholars charged with terrorism offences almost two years after signing anti-war petition

Man's hand holding 'I quit' resignation note

High price of journals 'placing strain on acceptance' of division of labour between researchers and publishers, says professor

Australian parliament

Simon Birmingham suggests Productivity Commission report could change senators' minds

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Remaining three years of funding programme to focus on carbon reduction, climate change resilience, digitisation and cybersecurity

Professor allegedly demanded ‘superhuman commitment’ from doctoral students, allowing them barely any holiday and setting meetings that ran past midnight

University of Sydney

Sixty-five students expelled or given suspensions in three years