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‘Staggering’ scale of persecution of Turkish academia condemned by scholars’ group


Sector leader says the UK can offer insights into higher education’s role in regional growth strategies

Chinese tourists catch money

Analysis reveals extent of reward system for international publications, which could be distorting scientific incentives

Subra Suresh

The former president of Carnegie Mellon University will lead the Singaporean institution from 2018

Broken down Mini

Universities continue to run ‘jewel in the crown’ programme because of its ‘prestige’, survey finds

Concealed handgun

Court rules that professors suing the state did not provide evidence that presence of guns would impact on free speech

Chainsaw cutting tree branch

Some of Germany's most prestigious institutions are increasing pressure on the publisher to strike a new deal

Map of Pakistan

Top academic claims universities have created 'factories' for junk science papers because of misguided funding system

Protestors in Venezuela

Universities in the country face widespread shortages, disruption and often violence

Robots welding in factory

CDU wants country to invest 3.5 per cent of GDP in research and development – more than twice that of UK

Twenty-one countries attend annual meeting to showcase progress of multimillion-pound Deltas initiative

Arizona State University

Arizona State University’s Michael Crow was the highest-earning leader in 2015-16

Take a break

Academics who take regular breaks from assessment will get more done than those who toil away for 10 hours straight, study says

Jo Johnson smiling

Jo Johnson outlines UK ambition to be ‘go-to country’ for innovation and discovery, even after Brexit

person hiding their head in their coat, sitting on a bench

Anthropologist spent more than a year among lecturers to understand why they don’t adopt innovative methods

Student on laptop surrounded by books

German analysis finds that undergraduates with the highest ability put in the fewest hours


Universities could lose out as emphasis switches to supporting innovation

Kenya higher education

Higher education regulator's new rules aim to drive up standards within sector

Hakan Şükür has honorary doctorate removed over his alleged support for a banned political movement

Emmanuel Macron, France, president

President offers disaffected climate scientists a ‘second homeland’ to conduct their work