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People using apple to coax horse through gate

Bill Boulding of Fuqua School of Business says higher education must create a culture of public trust in academia through those they educate

Gender pay gap

Study finds that on average graduates in the country earn more than non-graduates 

Turkish flag

Statement signed by 30 scholarly organisations condemns continued attack on academic freedom

Man walking across congested street, Yangon, Myanmar

New government is opening up to the wider world, but much remains to be done, says British Council country director

University of Cape Town

V-c says presence on campus of Danish journalist who commissioned Muhammad cartoons could 'retard rather than advance academic freedom'. Elizabeth Redden reports

Turkish police officer standing in front of poster of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Unprecedented ’cleansing’ of academia may force many leading minds to leave the country, scholar warns

Men stand in front of display of firearms in gun store, Lake Barrington, Illinois

Recent attempts to get round US gun lobbys blocking of federal funds for gun violence research could be making an impact. Jon Marcus reports

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Turkey

Hundreds of deans have been ordered to resign while academics have been told not to travel abroad for work in the wake of the failed coup

Greater financial uncertainty caused by the EU referendum result should lead to a rethink of proposed reforms, says Labour

Sign saying 'Your Opinion Counts'

'Arguments premised on consumerism are not likely to influence me' insists academic after students suggest staff should not express personal opinions

Workmen carrying traffic sign along roadside

Plans to allow graduates of France’s most elite higher education institutions to claim the title of PhD without taking a viva have enraged some Gallic scholars

Gender balance

Lawsuit against University of Cincinnati claims decision went against US gender discrimination laws. Maxine Joselow reports for Inside Higher Ed.

Homa Hoodfar

Iranian-Canadian Homa Hoodfar, who has conducted research on Islamic family law and Muslim dress codes, was imprisoned last month

Female patient at dentist

Hundreds of students at Europe’s largest postgraduate dental school may have been awarded the wrong marks thanks to form-filling blunders

Demonstrators argue with Donald Trump supporter, Wisconsin

Like the UK’s referendum on the EU, the US presidential race looks set to split the population between graduates and non-graduates

The Wellcome Trust has criticised big publishers for failing to put papers in the right open access depository

Scientists funded by the Wellcome Trust will be able to publish their findings ahead of peer review on a new digital platform from this autumn

Behaviour like students avoiding eating before they drink to cut down on their calories may be more common than previously thought 

Globe/map of South American countries

Progress needed on equity, quality assurance and research, says University of Chile academic

Globe connected to network (concept)

What the UK can learn from examples of non-EU nations in Horizon 2020


Former UN secretary general also ‘surprised’ that EU’s strength in maintaining security did not feature in Brexit debate. John Elmes reports from Lausanne