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Civil servant status and national pay scales mean senior academics earn less than peers elsewhere

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Andrew Potter's article lambasting Quebec's 'social malaise' was heavily criticised

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Advocates argue that universities should be prepared to ditch subscriptions altogether

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Colorado’s excise tax set to raise millions of dollars to support college access

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Institutions need to be excellent across the board to attract leading researchers, analysis warns

Carlos Moedas, European Union (EU) Commissioner

Carlos Moedas defends research council as discussions build over next framework programme

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Education minister wants power to prosecute assignment writing companies

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Minister's speech disrupted at event aimed at finding solutions to sector challenges

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Academics say students' concerns reflect tense environment on racial issues

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Higher education news from around the globe


China and India accounted for almost half of all international students in the US last year, up from just under a quarter a decade before

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Expert on EU warns academics against a ‘Brussels monopoly’ over how they research the union

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Analysis shows more than two-thirds of overseas learners come from former Soviet states

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Comments are a further sign that European institutions are gearing up to poach UK-based researchers

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Brussels-based scholar Ahmadreza Djalali has lost 27kg while in detention in Iran

A child react (R) as Caravinagre 'Vinegar face' kiliki (C) approaches during the Comparsa de Gigantes y Cabezudos, or Giants and Big Heads parade on the third day of the San Fermin Running of the Bulls festival on July 8, 2016 in Pamplona, Spain.

Poll finds staff believe reforms have undermined academic freedom and created more bureaucracy

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Car carrying Charles Murray attacked at Middlebury College, reports say

A man jumps into a river to catch ducks during a duck-catching competition, China

Some academics and students may choose to move to China over the US, says leading scholar

Truth and lies shown on moral compass

Students will assess how social media feeds influence their views as part of new programme

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Scores of academics pull out of annual convention, blaming president