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Study finds that universities in big urban centres produce less highly cited research than institutions elsewhere

Refugee camp

Only 6 per cent of displaced university-age Syrians currently in other countries in the Middle East are in higher education, expert warns

Woman wrapped in EU flag

Europe’s funding councils oppose idea of requiring researchers to obtain a licence if they want to quote their colleagues or news articles

Inaugural UK-US science deal will include investment in two major projects Stateside

Map of Pakistan

Vigilante mob face murder charges over campus killing of student Mashal Khan

New agreement could take cooperation to a new level

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Firm steps up collaboration with university as world’s biggest tech companies race to harness quantum physics

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Lack of student accommodation means new arrivals are often having to return home, warns student union

Bouncy castle inflating

Australian Catholic University defends hiring of professorial fellows as a tool to build partnerships

Pieter Duisenberg

Backlash against VSNU’s appointment of Pieter Duisenberg, who called for investigation of anti-conservative bias on campus

Onora O'Neill, Baroness O'Neill of Bengarve

US scholars will also be involved in new push to understand if the public still values expertise

Scrapped bikes

Despite bachelor’s graduates rising by a third since 2009, funding has barely risen faster than inflation

Soldiers at North Korea monument

Pyongyang University of Science and Technology feared closure when US travel ban took effect this month

Legislative Assembly of Ontario

But critics claim that French students are already well served in the province

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Kweichow Moutai’s move reflects concerns about shortage of skilled workers


Simon Birmingham defends plans for 7.5 per cent increase in fees and 2.5 per cent funding cut


Fears that referendum result could put off applicants have been unfounded - at least for this type of grant

Election billboard for CDU party in Germany

University leaders frustrated by lack of clarity on higher education in party manifestos

Glasgow vice-chancellor Sir Anton Muscatelli defends ‘cost-efficient’ sector driving UK growth

Crowd at German beer fest

Loans between libraries, and research sharing between colleagues, could allow country to sever links, negotiators claim