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Mind the gap

Wilfrid Laurier University is latest institution to address male and female professor wage gap

Duke University

Attack on event's 'totalitarian tendencies' seen as attempt to 'humiliate' colleague

Man throwing axes

UCU attacks plans to cut 171 posts, but university denies Brexit 'the reason'

Canada flag

Country’s funding councils say institutions must offer research chairs positions to diverse pool of candidates

Australian Parliament, Canberra

Pre-budget poll finds majority in opposition to major changes planned by government

New Zealand

Outrage among Kiwis over Australian government move

European Union (EU) flags flying

European Union students enrolling next year will pay the same fees as UK students


Conservative leadership candidate calls for federal research funding to be conditional on ‘free speech’

Oil rig

Campus to focus on training for offshore oil and gas industries


Universities Australia urges government to recognise sector's role in foreign policy review

India, UK, flag

Alice Gast pens Times of India opinion piece urging Indians to ignore UK visa 'misperceptions'

Truth and lies shown on moral compass

Students will assess how social media feeds influence their views as part of new programme

Indian Parliament

Arun Jaitley comments come after Amnesty warns that free speech is under threat in Indian universities


Labor calls for funding alternatives to fee deregulation

man driving giant duck on river

Does Nigel Piercy textbook case study stem from his experience at Swansea University? 


Universities Australia warns government against scrapping Education Investment Fund

Writing notes

Survey of students across 10 countries suggests handwriting and printed books have advantages over digital materials

Trump supporters

@Trump_Regrets account from Canadian university student gains more than 200,000 followers

Reality Just Ahead sign

University of East Anglia chief says scholars cannot assume that their research findings are ‘self-evident’

Sir Mark Walport

Scientists have mixed reactions to announcement of UKRI leader