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Labor calls for funding alternatives to fee deregulation

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Does Nigel Piercy textbook case study stem from his experience at Swansea University? 


Universities Australia warns government against scrapping Education Investment Fund

Writing notes

Survey of students across 10 countries suggests handwriting and printed books have advantages over digital materials

Trump supporters

@Trump_Regrets account from Canadian university student gains more than 200,000 followers

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University of East Anglia chief says scholars cannot assume that their research findings are ‘self-evident’

Sir Mark Walport

Scientists have mixed reactions to announcement of UKRI leader

University of California, Berkeley

US president attacks institution on Twitter after Milo Yiannopoulos event sparks violence

Novo Nordisk to invest £115 million in University of Oxford centre despite Brexit

Changes to government’s immigration system might lead to rise in adult students who are seeking permanent residency in country

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But some academics suggest move would harm US universities and scholars ‘who desperately need support’ 

Future of UK nuclear research ‘uncertain’ after Brexit bill revelation

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Total of 134 institutions includes all English members of the Russell Group
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First minister speaks at launch of Universities Scotland's global higher education campaign

Academic journals

Canadian institution makes move in bid to save C$1.5 million in fees

UK government to completely overhaul technical education as part of new industrial strategy

MRC researchers in West Africa face political unrest

Overall higher education staff headcount up 2 per cent, new data reveal

University of Guelph
Universities under pressure to show value and demand for master’s and PhDs
Theresa May speaking at podium

Theresa May speech also signals that future EU student recruitment will be ‘managed properly’