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UK and EU flags

Presidents' associations issue statement in wake of Brexit vote

Andrew Harrop

Thinktank proposes to fund Corbyn goal of scrapping fees by National Insurance education accounts


Maximum fees raised in line with inflation for year one of teaching excellence framework

Large and small dogs on display, Dog Day, Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, London

Unlike the rest of the EU budget, research funding disproportionately flows to rich members. But there are pressures for this to change

Baron Stern of Brentford

Lord Stern's warning adds to concerns about a brain drain from British universities in the wake of the referendum result

John Denham, London School of Economics and Political Science, LSE

Former universities minister calls for creation of academic council to advise ministers on decision making

Jo Johnson, Minister for Universities and Science

Johnson survives Theresa May’s reshuffle

Secretary of State for Education Justine Greening

Justine Greening is new education secretary, while BIS reshaped

Man carrying a European Union (EU)-branded umbrella

Research league calls for funding decision makers to see UK partners as desirable

Jo Johnson arrives at 10 Downing Street, London, England

Minister invites researchers to send ‘concrete’ examples that UK academics are being stopped from bidding for EU grants 

Homa Hoodfar

Iranian-Canadian Homa Hoodfar, who has conducted research on Islamic family law and Muslim dress codes, was imprisoned last month


Alternative medicine institution Anglo-European College of Chiropractic gets QAA thumbs up


Former UN secretary general also ‘surprised’ that EU’s strength in maintaining security did not feature in Brexit debate. John Elmes reports from Lausanne

Jo Johnson, Minister for Universities and Science

But research leaders in the UK say their European counterparts are already freezing them out when it comes to applying for EU money

Helga Nowotny

Brexit vote leads some European researchers to conclude joint bids with UK academics are now too risky

Silicon Valley

CEO lobby group in Canada says government should introduce policies to retain talented graduates


Minister backs continued UK success in EU’s Horizon 2020 and pledges to press ahead with HE bill

Man burning European Union (EU) flag

Leave vote triggers warnings of recruitment problems and of UK academics seeking better opportunities elsewhere

Pile of European Union (EU) and United Kingdom (UK) flag badges

UUK warns that EU funding 'goes beyond money' after open letter from pro-Leave ministers

'Job skills' key on PC keyboard

CGHE working paper suggests that governments should implement intervention policies on the ‘demand side of the labour market’