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Sector’s economic contribution increased by 15 per cent in three years, finds Oxford Economics analysis for UUK

Houses of Parliament, Westminster

Treasury Committee will also look at a 'so-called graduate tax'

Princeton University

Princeton leads Times Higher Education's list of institutions with the most affiliated Nobel prizewinners for the second consecutive year


Link comes as nation’s two sectors face potential major upheaval

University of Montreal

Canadian institution targeting thousands of French applicants who fail to gain place at home

Foreigners at Japanese temple

While proportion of foreign faculty at Japanese universities has increased, study finds no rise in share of leaders

Australian Parliament, Canberra

Universities Australia uses latest export figures to press Senators not to back government plans


Congress urged to lift restrictions on gun violence research


‘Teaching excellence and student outcomes framework’ switch follows new metrics

Theresa May

Conference speech raises questions about future of £9,250 fees system and shows impact of Labour policy

White House

Political climate and anti-immigration policies in US are blamed as UK and Canada report increase in applications

European Parliament, Strasbourg

Call coincides with Commission president's annual speech

Free speech

Chelsea Manning case brings calls in US to acknowledge attempts from right to silence campus free speech


Carol S. Dweck is named as first laureate of education research prize for her work on the ‘growth mindset’

South Korea government assembly

Ministry says 11 universities breached regulations by asking questions not covered in school curriculum

Legislative Assembly of Ontario

But critics claim that French students are already well served in the province

Australian parliament

UA warns government plans counteract its own science and innovation agenda

Alistair Jarvis

New UUK chief executive issues rallying call in first speech


Penn and San Diego law academics’ opinion piece, arguing ‘all cultures are not equal’, brings calls for institutions to speak out


Australian capital emerging as branch campus hub for country’s universities