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University Alliance study highlights what it says is higher education institutions' key role in improving social mobility

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Regulator will promote market, distribute grants, award university status and have power to enter premises with warrant

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Key figures respond to the Queen’s HE announcements

Queen Elizabeth II waving

Government plans to make it ‘easier’ for new universities to launch

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Loss of fee income if Britain leaves EU could be worth £700 million a year, claims new report

Quality under magnifying glass

Government says it could designate sector quality body in future to protect co-regulation

Chest of treasure

Research councils, Innovate UK and QR funding will be brought under one new body that will also distribute new money for interdisciplinary research

Donald Trump

Senior aide Sam Clovis on what US university policy might look like under a Trump administration

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Key figures from the university world respond to the higher education White Paper, Success as a Knowledge Economy

Market stalls

Hefce-funded project aims to drive economic growth and increase employment

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Such partnerships are healthy but an NCUB report says more are needed to boost UK prosperity

'Do not enter. Exam in progress' sign on staircase

Two-day strike over 'insulting' 1.1 per cent pay rise offer may affect student exams and marking

Cambridge private

Course for world’s ‘most senior business leaders’ will cost ‘gigantic’ £80K for first year

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Universities in two countries will co-host three research chairs

Boaty McBoatface

Research council chiefs to be grilled by select committee after poll to name polar research vessel is overruled

Almost two-thirds of members voting back strike over 'insulting' 1.1 per cent pay offer

Australian Parliament, Canberra

Plan to deregulate fees wholesale dropped, but alternatives floated in discussion paper

Leicester City football/soccer fans celebrating premier league victory

International visibility for Leicester as a result of club’s success has already contributed to boost in overseas applications, says one vice-chancellor

Canadian dollar

Province will submit proposals in ‘coming weeks’ in a bid to avoid sudden wage increases

Johannes Haushofer lists failures in attempt to 'balance the record' on how he climbed the greasy pole of academia