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Whitewater rafting
Building a world-class institution from scratch is easier said than done, warns Jamil Salmi
A man surrounded by banknotes

A nation’s income affects not only the quality of tertiary education but also the number enrolled

Banana skin, pitfall, risk

Ahead of Jisc Digifest 2017, Geoff Mulgan has some words of advice for those involved in digital education

Technology in higher education

What will hold back the use of technology in higher education over the next five years?

Illustration of people talking with speech bubbles above their heads (16 February 2017)

Respondents to the 2017 THE Teaching Survey give their words of lecturing wisdom

Charity commits more than £70 million to research projects that approach ambitious, unresolved challenges in cancer research

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Data reveal institutions that have co-authored the most papers with top 25 firms in new innovation list

Hand holding blue paper bird in style of Twitter logo

Researchers take to Twitter to explain their 'wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey' research

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The most popular Times Higher Education stories of the last year revealed

Barack Obama

Alternative metrics find that research from Barack Obama received the most online attention this year

Students and staff take on the viral challenge, posing en masse in laboratories, halls of residence and lecture theatres

Fictional professors from film, TV and literature have been reported to new watchlist of 'anti-American' academics

Men using smartphones against Twitter backdrop

When a UK politician questioned the value of academia, scholars were quick to respond, finds Tommaso Grant

Princeton University

Times Higher Education analysis reveals the institutions with the most affiliated Nobel prizewinners this century

LinkedIn, social media

Kate McNamee explains how the Alliance Manchester Business School is embracing LinkedIn

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Petra Hauptfeld-Göllner gazes into her crystal ball and looks 14 years into the future of teaching

Lightbulb innovation

South Korea and Japan lead Reuters’ Asia innovation ranking

The Francis Crick Institute

As the £650 million Crick Institute officially opens, here are some key facts about Europe’s largest biomedical research laboratory

Gender balance

World University Rankings analysis highlights top female university leaders


China dominates the Nature Index 2016 Rising Stars list