Shelf Life

The author of The Outsiders: Refugees in Europe since 1492 discusses tracing the rises and falls of empires in atlases, understanding the pain of mass displacements and the pleasure of simultaneously reading and listening to music

9 January

The political scientist and author of The Politics of Petulance: America in an Age of Immaturity on fictional fascinations, mature reflections and dancing to the music of Powell

18 October

The author of Comparative Literature: A Very Short Introduction on Graham Greene, the classics as gateway to different literatures and a reading tip for English readers in the age of Brexit

19 March

The author and professor of sociology and philosophy of law discusses Vonnegut, pre-communist histories and the EU’s present and future

1 March

The historian and author of In Search of the Phoenicians on reading the Bible under the blankets, DIY Latin lessons and the keys to unlocking the ancient world

18 January

The lecturer in cultural and historical studies and author of Personal Style Blogs on pony tales, reading fashion and fashioning the self

14 December

The scholar of American history and author on the works of Pearl S. Buck, John Hersey and others that sparked his interest in the work of US missionaries and the role of religion in the US

2 November