Books on a shelf

A weekly look over the shoulders of our scholar-reviewers

Man working in studio

Book of the week: Danny Dorling lauds an exposition of the benefits of obligation-free income and how to attain them

Crumbling church

Ursula King searches for communion between faithless and faithful in a study of unbelievers

Sir Ken Morrison

Success stories, such as supermarket founder Ken Morrison, are covered in a study that makes you think, says Helga Drummond

Soldiers at North Korea monument

The voices of 10 defectors are the most powerful parts of a study of the Hermit Kingdom, says Hazel Smith

Cows by derelict ships

Environmental changes also change us but old and new ways of living offer hope, says Stephanie Bunn

Vicky Angelaki

The author of Social and Political Theatre in 21st-Century Britain on Merleau-Ponty and Caryl Churchill, eco-novels and agency, and playwrights’ weather eye on gathering storms

Angola countryside

Africa’s 17th-century warrior queen; the modern equivalent of tinkering in your shed; mergers and acquisitions in the world of HE; and what tax havens really do to the economy


A weekly look over the shoulders of our scholar-reviewers

Anti-Trump protesters

Book of the week: Americans have to reach out to fight the political division fed by social media, says Angelia Wilson


History would suggest that only violent means lead to less inequality, says Victoria Bateman

Web of internet connections

Paul Bernal on whether we can simply dismiss privacy concerns in order to embrace the world of big data


The groundwork may be set for a shift from selfish, individualistic capitalism, says Danny Dorling

Robert A. Segal on a exploration of the interior life of the leader who led the Jews out of the desert

Eddie Chambers

The professor of art and art history and author of Roots and Culture talks about discovering black history and documenting the black British cultural efflorescence of the 1980s

Book tree

A weekly look over the shoulders of our scholar-reviewers

Homeless sleeper

Constantine Sandis considers a cool look at how our biases may render altruistic acts less effective

William Robert Grove

The inventor of the fuel cell deserves a biography, but more detail of his work and his life would be welcome, says Richard Joyner

Mussolini being kissed

The life of Il Duce’s inamorata sheds light on Italian politics and society, writes Neil Gregor

Language learning with dictionaries

Putting a bottom line value on language skills is a laudable aim, but the benefits and challenges of linguistic diversity merit more exploration, says Ingrid Piller