A historic Alleanza Nazionale election campaign event in Rome

Matthew Feldman on a timely history that roams over the Continent

A woman writing on a blackboard that is covered in writing

Each scientific law is a layer of knowledge – with limits – and we’re still peeling, says Marcus Chown

An image from an electrocardiogram

Politics takes centre stage in a study of research on the edge of the paranormal, says Yvonne Howell

A painting showing Cosmas and Damian, the patron saints of medicine, replacing a patient’s infected leg with the healthy leg of a person who had died

An entertaining study covers everything from doctors to patients, diagnosis to treatment and sex to death, says Jane Draycott

Shlomo Sand, Tel Aviv University

The author of 'Twilight of History' on growing up with tales of the Wild West, learning how to do history and deconstructing Jewish and Israeli mythologies

A billboard with a job plea advertisement

Job hunting? Like it or loathe it, LinkedIn is key and emotional labour is mandatory, says Philip Roscoe


A weekly look over the shoulders of our scholar-reviewers


Keeping the algorithms that encrypt our data secure is crucial, says Noel-Ann Bradshaw

tax dollars

Story time for social scientists; tax owed is not tax loathed; the mighty river of free-flowing curiosity; and the truth, short and sweet


E. Stina Lyon on the contradictory feelings of insecurity and optimism that  digital cultures provides mothers


A call to make our world more pleasant and fitting is let down by its own biases, says Isabelle Szmigin

meaning of life

Constantine Sandis on a fitting swansong from one of its greatest moral philosophers

Cathy Gillespie working on IBM 360

Book of the week: sidelining its female workforce cost the UK primacy in a nascent IT industry, says John Gilbey

Harriet Beecher Stowe, Martha Gellhorn and JK Rowling

Women have long been commentators on global affairs but their messages aren’t necessarily getting through, writes Elizabeth Cobbs

Richey Edwards

Shahidha Bari finds much to admire in a detailed exploration of self-injury through the ages

Capitol Hill

Kori Schake praises a forensic examination of the US political system

Jewish people by the seaside

Book of the week: the digital deluge can harm our social health; Emma Rees commends a prescription to tackle it

Pile of books

A weekly look over the shoulders of our scholar-reviewers

Brenna Hassett

A bioarchaeologist reveals what she has on her bookshelf

Gun in a book

A whistle-stop tour of criminals’ texts is packed with listicles and promises, says Sharon Wheeler