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Young woman walking through archway, Venice, Italy

Book of the week: Deborah Longworth meanders with female writer-walkers getting their measure of the metropolis

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Woman lying in hammock reading book

Members of the higher education community tell us about two books they plan to take on holiday: a new must-read and a classic worthy of a second look

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Female doctor administering vaccine to small child

Helen Bynum on a study of current immunisation practices in North America and the rise of the home-grown expert

Edward Snowden being interviewed Hong Kong

Paul Bernal on a vital and comprehensive survey of how our era of ubiquitous observation arose

Actors performing in William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

Seeking a deep conversation between Scripture and the Bard’s works is a fool’s errand, argues Peter J. Smith

Brian Eno performing live at Punkt 2012

The score on Brian Eno, the struggles of America’s down and out in cheap motels, and how our forebears slept

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A weekly look over the shoulders of our scholar-reviewers

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A weekly look over the shoulders of our scholar-reviewers

Man drinking coffee and reading book

A weekly look over the shoulders of our scholar-reviewers

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A weekly look over the shoulders of our scholar-reviewers

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Social media icons

Gabriel Egan laments the narcissistic craving for others’ approval brought on, he says, by the use of social networking websites

Elly Walton illustration (25 August 2016)

Treating students as consumers has precipitated a rush to the bottom to give them exactly what they want, says John Warren

Superhero costumes hanging on a washing line

Senior management do not recognise support staff’s pivotal role in achieving positive student outcomes, administrators say

Man photocopying a book

Students think it ‘unfair’ to be punished for unintentional plagiarism

to write students’ assessed essays in return for cash

Vic Boyd was on the lookout for academic writing opportunities. What she found was somewhat less appetising...