Book of the week

JBS Haldane

Book of the week: Richard Joyner on a proselytiser for science who emphasised the ethical issues of advancement

A montage of female writers

Book of the Week: Emma Rees praises an effort to show how to turn personal traumas into political resistance

Woodcut of a rhinoceros from 1515

Images of two beasts carried ideas about science and communication, says Simon Underdown

Screaming female Beatles fans

Book of the week: The perennial female fantasy of man embodies a host of contradictory types, says Laura Frost

Tuberculosis bacilli

Only diligence and vigilance can keep us ahead of microorganisms that make us ill, Helen Bynum says

Tevatron particle collider

Book of the week: Tara Shears enjoys a gossipy tale of the booms and busts involved in collaborative frontier science

US law scholar Anita Hill

Book of the week: our distrust of female testimony in all its forms is proof feminism still has far to go, says Laura Frost

A man sitting in front of a bank of computer screens

Book of the Week: lack of effective antitrust oversight leaves us at the mercy of digital platforms, says Julia Powles

Philippe Sollers and Julia Kristeva, Cassis, France, 1998

Book of the week: The scrutiny to which two intellectuals submit their relationship fascinates Shahidha Bari

Alice in Wonderland illustration

Shelley King is happy to linger over an erudite, witty and intimate journey through Wonderland

School of sardines swimming in ocean

Book of the week: A study of our leviathan appetite for seafood dares to go deep and recovers pearls, says Philip Hoare

Man listening to music on smartphone/people buying vinyl records instore

Book of the week: From the black stuff to books, who gets the goods in a sharing and streaming era? asks Paul Bernal

Anti-Donald Trump protestors demonstrating outside Trump Tower, New York

Book of the week: Political Svengalis, not the public, drive populist pantomimes of democracy, says Angelia Wilson

Sigmund Freud sitting among some of his pupils, Vienna, 1922

Book of the week: New sources yield fresh insights and oversights by the father of psychoanalysis, says Janet Sayers

John Gluck holding monkey research subject, 1968

Book of the week: A memoir wrestles with moral questions about using animals in research. Kristin Andrews writes

University of Cambridge students queueing on graduation day

Book of the week: Universities pay lip service to minorities while maintaining the status quo, says Kalwant Bhopal

Young cleaning lady unhappy with work

Book of the week: Working through university crushes US students. Laurie Taylor fears the UK will share their pain

Female students shopping for Princeton University sweatshirts

Book of the week: A history of the fight to share elite spaces focuses on gender over race and class, says Mary Evans

Young girl holding on to woman's back

Book of the week: E. Stina Lyon appreciates the social portraiture approach used to understand complex family roles

People dancing at Paradise Garage, New York City, 1979

Book of the week: Hillegonda Rietveld on the fierce creative energy of Big Apple clubs in the early Eighties