Book of the week

Man on beach reading
Scholars and senior sector figures reveal the books they’ll be reading over the summer break – for work or pleasure or both
Detective looking at fingerprints

Book of the week: Sharon Wheeler investigates how mystery writers play a guessing game with their reader-sleuths

Sherlock Holmes and Watson

Book of the week: Tom Stafford on an account of how social activity, not brilliant individual deduction, leads to truth

Chinook helicopter

Book of the week: Joanna Bourke on the gruelling truths faced by injured soldiers, and their carers and families

Messages to sexual assault victims at UCLA

A polemic against the new McCarthyism in US universities catches Jane O’Grady’s attention

Boss and workers

Book of the week: From staff in nappies to hassled waitresses, a study of work is full of justified rage, says Philip Roscoe

William Empson, George Woodcock, Mulk Raj Anand, George Orwell, Herbert Read, Edmund Blunden at the BBC

Book of the week: The art of coaxing meaning from literature is the legacy of one great critic, says Robert Eaglestone

Two young men heading to a festival

Book of the week: Richard Larschan traces the steps of the young tourists who forged a borderless post-war identity

American students

Book of the week: Howard Segal on an ‘appreciation’ of an unwieldy creature that is the envy of the world

Abortion protest

Book of the week: Mary Evans praises a life’s work addressing the inherent gender inequalities in the legal system


Book of the week: Modern feminism can learn much from the women who visited revolutionary Russia, says Lara Douds

Campaigners for the Vote Leave movement

Book of the Week: Danny Dorling on an illuminating analysis of the many factors that swayed the referendum

Old St Paul's Cathedral

Book of the week: The rise in London’s trading fortunes owed much to foreign visitors, finds Lucy Wooding

Stuart Hall

Book of the week: Fred Inglis yearns for post-1964 insights from the life of an icon of the intellectual Left

A billboard with a job plea advertisement

Job hunting? Like it or loathe it, LinkedIn is key and emotional labour is mandatory, says Philip Roscoe

Cathy Gillespie working on IBM 360

Book of the week: sidelining its female workforce cost the UK primacy in a nascent IT industry, says John Gilbey

Jewish people by the seaside

Book of the week: the digital deluge can harm our social health; Emma Rees commends a prescription to tackle it

Victorian men and women

Book of the week: Simon Underdown enjoys a stunning view of Darwin at work on his less celebrated classic

Man working in studio

Book of the week: Danny Dorling lauds an exposition of the benefits of obligation-free income and how to attain them

Anti-Trump protesters

Book of the week: Americans have to reach out to fight the political division fed by social media, says Angelia Wilson