Book of the week

Young voters

Witty asides permeate a study contemplating money, love, hope and rappers, says Emma Rees

Segway balancing board

Book of the week: The reality of the present world has fallen short of science fiction’s predictions, says Jon Turney

Solider in Ukraine

Book of the week: Christopher Hill praises an engaging but limited history of the role of law in achieving peace

Businessman on a carousel

Book of the week: No longer young, not yet old, the middle-aged academic sees the world askew, says Joe Moran

Chinese soldier with poster of Chairman Mao

Book of the week: Communism around the world was shaped by its opportunistic leaders, finds Yvonne Howell

Declaration of Independence (1819) by John Trumbull

Book of the week: Elizabeth Cobbs praises a history that argues persuasively against US exceptionalism

Sleep research

Book of the week: Richard Joyner on how insomnia damages our well-being – and how to get a good night’s rest

Victorian painting of dead woman

Book of the week: Shahidha Bari enjoys a study of how tuberculosis influenced notions of attractiveness and breeding

Old man on an estate

Book of the week: Is poor housing here to stay? Hopefully not, but one word associated with it has a grip on our culture, says Danny Dorling


Book of the week: Meet the women whose lusty revolution changed the sexual culture of the US, says Laura Frost

Biblical parable of the talents

Book of the week: Great writing can enlighten and encourage dialogue between disciplines, says Gary Morson

The execution of Joseph Oppenheimer

Book of the week: Bryan Cheyette straddles truth and fiction in observer accounts of anti-Semitic persecution

American couple

Book of the week: Behind a veneer of amiability, Randy Malamud finds discord, cruelty and a ‘cultural charade’


Book of the week: A cancerous, consumer-driven capitalism has weakened higher education, says David Wheeler

Wolf in the snow

Book of the week: Human actions have killed off some species but may be kick-starting new ones, writes Jules Pretty

Japanese robots

Book of the week: Apps are taking us places, fast – but do we always want to go? John Gilbey considers the value of rapidly changing tech

Man on beach reading
Scholars and senior sector figures reveal the books they’ll be reading over the summer break – for work or pleasure or both
Detective looking at fingerprints

Book of the week: Sharon Wheeler investigates how mystery writers play a guessing game with their reader-sleuths

Sherlock Holmes and Watson

Book of the week: Tom Stafford on an account of how social activity, not brilliant individual deduction, leads to truth

Chinook helicopter

Book of the week: Joanna Bourke on the gruelling truths faced by injured soldiers, and their carers and families