Book of the week

Young cleaning lady unhappy with work

Book of the week: Working through university crushes US students. Laurie Taylor fears the UK will share their pain

Female students shopping for Princeton University sweatshirts

Book of the week: A history of the fight to share elite spaces focuses on gender over race and class, says Mary Evans

Young girl holding on to woman's back

Book of the week: E. Stina Lyon appreciates the social portraiture approach used to understand complex family roles

People dancing at Paradise Garage, New York City, 1979

Book of the week: Hillegonda Rietveld on the fierce creative energy of Big Apple clubs in the early Eighties

Buildings in Oran, Algeria

Book of the week: Rachel Bowlby tracks the impact of a strange and foreign novel across languages and culture

Students holding letters spelling 'Debt', University of New Mexico

Book of the week: University costs embed inequality and exact a painful toll on individuals, Sorana Vieru says

Still from The Wizard of Oz, 1939

Book of the week: If all-seeing ‘miracle’ tech is making the decisions we must demystify the tricks, says Danny Dorling

Piles of euro banknotes being counted and stacked

Book of the week: The decision process behind the euro has left the EU in an untenable position, says Lucia Quaglia

Young woman walking through archway, Venice, Italy

Book of the week: Deborah Longworth meanders with female writer-walkers getting their measure of the metropolis

Painting of dense forest

Book of the week: Fred Inglis delights in a grafting of art, lore and literature that logs our lives with natural wonders

Female students being photographed by their mothers and sister before senior prom

Book of the week: ‘Helicopters’ or ‘bystanders’? Your folks’ behaviour can govern more than grades, says Hazel Christie

Swedish people participating in National Day of Sweden celebrations, Norrköping, Sweden

Book of the week: Investing in individuals delivers personal and national prosperity, Richard Murphy finds

Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory team, Pasadena, California, 1953

Book of the week: Meet the human computers in heels who juggled science and family, says Margaret A. Weitekamp

Person viewing dinosaur exhibit in museum

Book of the week: Randy Malamud on two scholars’ exploration of a temple of Christian fundamentalist belief

Children climbing on sculpture by-Anne and Patrick Poirier, Norwich, Norfolk

Book of the week: There’s a strong political current running through a bold study skewering myths, says Louise Whiteley

Womens Liberation Movement protesting against Sex Discrimination Act, House of Commons, London

Book of the week: Second-wave highs, Caitlin Moran and rape culture surface in a work of mixed genres, says Emma Rees

Man smoking cigarettes with ears and nostrils

Book of the week: In between what we know is good or bad for us is the rest of medical science, says Jennifer Rohn

A person working in a food bank

Book of the week: Why are those pushed into food poverty then stigmatised and shamed, asks Lisa Mckenzie

Man weighing basket of cotton balls, 1890s

Book of the week: Shahidha Bari on our attachment to consumption and whether we might ever somehow escape it

Benedict Anderson speaking at lectern

Book of the week: Joanna Lewis on nationalism’s truest friend and the books that made him a world authority

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