The Women University Multan

Impact Rankings 2020
101–200 th
Impact Rankings: Gender equality 2020
401–600 th
Impact Rankings: Quality education 2020
L.M.Q. Road, Multan, Pakistan

About The Women University Multan

The Women University Multan was originally the Kutchery Campus of Government Degree College for Women. It became the Women University in 2012 under the 2010 Act approved by the Punjab Assembly.

The university has five faculties offering both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Students can choose to study arts and social sciences, life science, science, religion and languages, or economics, commerce and management sciences. Within each faculty there are several departments specialising in particular areas.

There are two campuses at the university, Katchery and Mattital. The Katchery campus is where the university began as a College, however the space was deemed insufficient for university activities. This led to the construction of the Mattital campus, which is fully equipped with a central library, a medical centre, and student accommodation. A university bus shuttle operates between the two campuses.

As the first university for women in Multan, the university seeks to highlight the importance of education and its ability to empower women. Its mission is to provide encouragement, support and opportunity to its female students to help them grow and develop into successful graduates.

The university is located in Multan, a city in Punjab, Pakistan’s most populous province. Situated along the bank of the Chenab River, Multan has a long and rich history. In medieval Islamic India, Multan was one of the most important trading centres. Furthermore, in the Mallian campaign that took place in the 4th Century, Alexander the Great besieged the ancient city. Today, Multan is home to a number of religious shrines dating back to the 11th and 12 centuries.

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