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The University of Pécs, or Pécsi Tudományegyetem, is among the top-ranking universities in Hungary. It is also the oldest university site in the country, with a legacy stretching back hundreds of years.

Pécs became the site of Hungary’s first university in 1367 under the orders of King Louis I. However, the university was closed during the Ottoman occupation of the 16th and 17th centuries. The modern university opened in 1912.

International students can choose from a wide offering of courses in either English or German, ranging from dentistry to ceramic design.

While students are not expected to learn Hungarian, it is encouraged, and the university provides short Hungarian courses for any students wishing to dip their toes into this fascinating language, quite unlike any other European tongue.  

The university’s mission is to inspire innovative research which fits the needs of the economy. To further this end, the university has several facilities. The Szentágothai Research Centre was built in 2012 to provide state of the art laboratories in the fields of environmental science, natural sciences and biomedicine. There is also a winery research facility.

Pécs benefits from a microclimate that lengthens the summer and makes the winters mild. An added bonus of this gentle weather is that the region is perfect for growing grapes, and the local cirfandli wine flows freely. The pleasant setting combined with a lively art scene and nightlife makes Pécs one of Hungary’s top destinations. In 2010 the city was recognised as a European Capital of Culture.

Key statistics

  • 18,109
    Number of Students
  • 14.6
    Student to Staff Ratio
  • 13%
    Percentage of International Students
  • 54 : 46
    Student Ratio of Females to Males
Collected during World University Rankings on 28th Sep 2016

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