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What if…you didn’t need to look further than Warwick?

What if there were a world-leading university with the highest academic and research standards? What if every day spent in its cosmopolitan campus was entrepreneurial, innovative and international?

It would be somewhere as respected for boundary breaking research as for its teaching and business collaborations.  It would be driven to pursue excellence and it would be intellectually curious.  

It would earn a consistent place at the uppermost reaches of the UK Higher Education league tables, and be making a positive move up the international league tables too.

And, whether you’re a student, lecturer or researcher, its distinct approach would help you follow your ambitions. That’s because it would be somewhere that could confidently say it’s a place of infinite possibilities.

We think there is somewhere that’s all these things and much, much more. Welcome to Warwick.


In the past 50 years, we’ve earned an enviable international reputation for the wide-reaching impact of our research. Whether you’re an undergraduate, postgraduate or academic professional, we have the research opportunities enable to help push the limits of your own academic curiosity. And, whoever you are, you’ll have the support of some of the world’s top academics.

Our research excellence resulted in a strong performance in the Government’s Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014, for both overall grade point average (GPA) and intensity.

We’ve strengthened our position amongst the UK’s ten best research universities. Warwick’s intensity also achieved a top ten ranking, signifying the strength-in-depth of our exceptional body of research staff.  

Our most recent eye-catching research includes hi-tech solutions to patients’ post-clinic mobility needs; evidence suggesting a significant relationship between cannabis use and the onset of mania symptoms; and a hunt for new planets with the help of robotically controlled telescopes.

We have a research-rich campus at Warwick, with an academic community which actively creates knowledge, and encourages everyone to take part in that process. All our undergraduate courses, for example, offer opportunities for research project work. There are also many opportunities for students to participate in cutting-edge research projects outside their degree, adding an extra dimension to studies and allowing people to their curiosities beyond the curriculum. This enables students to develop valuable skills that can be transferred into the workplace or use in further study.

Teaching and Learning

No-one goes to university with the intention of leaving unchanged at the end of their studies. They want their thinking to be transformed. They want to see the world from new perspectives.

Our committed teaching staff help people achieve this.

Our reputation for research allows us to attract teachers who are among the very best in their respective fields. This means our teachers are at the forefront of research. They’re the teachers who are innovating. They’re the teachers who are setting the agenda for others to follow.

We feature flexible learning spaces across campus, and we’re also investing into a new, dedicated building with access to some of the UK’s best teaching and learning facilities.

Our approach sees that we’re equally concerned with helping you develop away from your lectures. Our teaching will appeal to students’ enterprising nature, whether they’re looking for professional freedom or want to give something back to the community around them.

University marks an exciting time in people’s lives, when people are looking to build on their deepening knowledge base, and further explore their ideals and beliefs. Our teachers help students take those qualities to the next level.

And we have distinctive, creative ways of making that happen. 

Key Statistics

  • 18,529
  • 16.6
    Student:Staff Ratio
  • 37%
    International Students
  • 48 : 52
    Female:Male Ratio


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