Toraighyrov University

64 Lomov Str, Pavlodar, 140008, Kazakhstan

About Toraighyrov University

Toraighyrov University is one of the largest universities in Kazakhstan. It was originally established as the Pavlodar Industrial Institute (PII) in May 1960 by the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

At that time, the institute operated in temporary facilities, accommodating 400 students across three faculties: mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and power engineering, with only one associate professor among the faculty.

The university now has several faculties, including natural science, energetics, engineering, agriculture science, humanities and social sciences, economics and law, and computer science. Students can choose from programmes in 150 different specialties at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels.

The university's research activities are conducted through 28 departments and five research and practice centres, along with the Ertis Science and Technology Park, the Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer, and the Student Research Centre.

The main research areas include energy and energy-saving technologies, metallurgy and mechanical engineering, construction, environmental monitoring, environmental protection, rational use of natural resources, computer technologies, regional economic issues, pedagogy and psychology, sociolinguistic and linguoculturological studies, and higher education and training.

The university is split into two campus dormitories. Campus one consists of three blocks. Priority for accommodation is given to students from socially vulnerable backgrounds, those on grants, students from other regions of Kazakhstan, and international students.

Students from orphanages are exempt from paying for accommodation as per the Academic Council's decision. The campus has various facilities, including assembly halls, TV rooms, a computer class, gym, tennis halls, and sports equipment. It also has 24-hour security, video surveillance, and landscaped areas.

Campus two opened in October 2015. Priority for accommodation in campus two is given to students with specific needs, such as orphans, students with disabilities, those from large families, low-income families, and single-parent families.

As part of the "Strong University - Strong Region" programme, Toraighyrov University collaborates with local executive bodies to tackle regional issues.