Swiss School of Higher Education

Cité — Centre, Grand Rue 92, Montreux, 1820, Switzerland

About Swiss School of Higher Education

The SSHE - Swiss School of Higher Education is a private university based near Montreux, on the banks of Lake Geneva, in Switzerland.

It is a young institution, and prides itself on its flexible and dynamic approach to learning. The university’s core teaching is centred around business and project management, and a number of basic and specialised courses are offered across undergraduate, postgraduate and foundation level.

The university places emphasis on teamwork and building entrepreneurial values in students. Class sizes are small – only up to 10 students at any one time – and courses are taught in an informal setting, allowing teachers to take an individualised approach.

SSHE has close connections to business, and in particular Switzerland’s world-famous luxury goods, finance, hospitality and retail industries. The institution runs a number of industrial workshops and hosts guest speakers from international companies and hotels.

SSHE’s unique location is a major draw for students and visitors. Overlooking Switzerland’s largest lake, SSHE is backed by picturesque pre-Alpine valleys and the Gruyère Pays-d’Enhaut national park. From here, students have access to vineyards and mountain hiking in summer. Weekend ski trips are organised through the winter months.

The university’s campus is within walking distance of shops, cinemas and restaurants as well as the Montreux ferry terminal, from which students can take trips across Lake Geneva to Lausanne, Vevey, and other towns around the lake.

Student accommodation is spacious and modern, and is based in the main university building within close walking distance to classrooms and campus facilities.