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The National Research Nuclear University MePhI is a Russian engineering and physics institute in Moscow. 

The university was established in 1942 as the Moscow Mechanical Institute of Munitions. In Soviet times, it served as a place to prepare well educated physicists and engineers for the Soviet military and atomic programmes. 

In 2008, the higher education institution, which is among the best technical schools in Russia, was restructured to become a national research university supplying the Russian nuclear industry. The institute's mission is not only to extend students knowledge, but also to engage them actively in research activities. 

Today the university has 11 regional branches, 15 colleges and secondary technical schools that operate in five federal districts. The premises are located in close proximity to nuclear power plants to foster collaboration and provide students with the chance of gaining relevant work experience. 

Some of schools included in the MePhi network include Ozersk Institute of Technology, Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering and Novouralsk State Institute of Technology. 

Leading departments within the university that train world-class specialists are computer law, experimental nuclear physics and cosmophysics, and also physics of state and nanosystems. 

Since 1984, a group of experts from MePhi actively participates in high-energy physics research as part of the European Organisations for Nuclear Research, also known as CERN, which is in charge of the operation of the biggest particle physics laboratory in the world.  

In addition, together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, the university currently works on the establishment of a nuclear systems and materials research hub. 

The institute boasts six Noble Prize winners in physics, and renowened scientists such as Andrey Dmitrievich Sakharov and Igor Tamm. 

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31 Kashirskoe shosse