Government College Women University, Sialkot

Government College Women University, Kutchhri Road, Sialkot, Pakistan

About Government College Women University, Sialkot

Govt. College Woman University, Sialkot was established in 1951.

In 1989, the college began offering master’s courses in English, Urdu and Islamiyat, when it was upgraded to a postgraduate college. In 2010, the Higher Education Department introduced a four-year Bachelor of Science degree programme.

The college was formerly known as First Woman University in Sialkot, and was granted its charter in 2012. The college’s mission is to produce a highly-skilled female workforce to occupy the industry requirements of Pakistan.

There are three faculties: administrative and management sciences, arts and social sciences, and natural sciences. There is also a finishing school programme offered, intended to teach etiquette and poise to young women. This is a month-long intensive course, aiming to enable students to act appropriately in social and business situations. Students will learn skills of ICT, communication, personality development, ethics, cooking, and social graces.

Students can join several societies and clubs while at College, including debate and media watch, as well as sporting clubs.

Sialkot is a city located in North-eastern Punjab, forming the Golden Triangle of industrial cities along with the nearby cities of Gujarat and Gujranwala.

It was the birthplace of philosopher, Muhammad Iqbal, and is home to the shrine of the first Sikh guru, Guru Nanak.

The industry in Sialkot is famously known for hand-sewn footballs, used in the 2014 Fifa World Cup, as well as its manufacturing of surgical instruments.