FGV DIREITO SP Law School of São Paulo

Rua Rocha, 233, Bela Vista, Sao Paulo, 01330-000, Brazil

About FGV DIREITO SP Law School of São Paulo

Founded in 2002, the FGV DIREITO SP Law School of São Paulo offers innovative, high-quality legal education and prepares professionals to tackle the complex legal demands of contemporary society. The school is committed to innovative practices both in teaching - by using participatory methods - and in research, by carrying out empirical and interdisciplinary studies. It works to strengthen Brazilian institutions and to contribute to Brazil’s development by improving the regulatory environment.

São Paulo Law School set up Brazil’s first professional master’s programme in law in 2013, which is designed for experienced lawyers who wish to improve their legal and interdisciplinary repertoire, without interrupting their professional practice.

One of Brazil's most international schools, FGV Direito SP has more than 20 agreements with institutions on different continents to allow students and professors to carry out joint research, resulting in solid partnerships for the process of discussing global issues and constructing collective action. São Paulo Law School also created the Law Schools Global League (LSGL) in partnership with Tilburg University in the Netherlands, which is a global, pioneering project to find responses to the new challenges imposed on traditional legal education by economic, political and technological globalisation.

FGV Direito SP created the Center for Applied Legal Research (CPJA), in order to help solve Brazilian society’s main problems from a legal perspective. Their emphasis on research is one of their greatest strengths and they aim to produce public goods that benefit the whole of society. Research results are continuously discussed through the hosting of many events, including roundtable discussions, workshops, seminars and conferences. These events are open to the public and they have a major impact on society.

Subjects taught at FGV DIREITO SP Law School of São Paulo

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