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932 South Lushan Rd, Changsha, Hunan, 410083, China

Central South University (CSU) is situated in Changsha, a famous historical and cultural city in Hunan province, China. CSU was established in April 2000 by merging the former Central South University of Technology (CSUT), the former Changsha Railway University (CRU) and the former Hunan Medical University (HMU). The main disciplines of CSUT and CRU originated from the disciplines of Mining & Metallurgy and Civil Engineering of Hunan Industrial College established in 1903.The predecessor of HMU was Xiangya Medical College founded in 1914 as one of China's earliest colleges offering western medicine courses.


Central South University was selected as a Class A university under China's World-Class Universities Initiative in September 2017. In 2021 THE World University Ranking, CSU was ranked at 351-400.


CSU has a total of 26 national first-class undergraduate professional construction points, respectively is Law, Sociology, Ideological and Political Education, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Biological Science, Mechanical Design Manufacturing & Automation, Materials Science and Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Electronical Information Science and Technology, Automation, Software Engineering, Civil Engineering, Surveying Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Geological Engineering, Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing Engineering, Transportation, Safety Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science, Medical Laboratory Technology, Nursing, Information Management and Information System, Engineering Management, Business Administration. 17 subjects entered the ESI global ranking 1%, and 3 subjects entered the ESI global ranking ‰ (Materials Science, Engineering, Clinical Medicine). More than 58,000 full-time students are studying in CSU now.


The history of CSU could be traced back to 100 years ago with a legacy on education, advocating the spirit of Learning by Doing and Learning for Using and implementing the ethos of Virtue, Truth, Perfection, Inclusiveness. In the face of national and social development demanding, a large number of renowned industrial leaders and innovative talents have been nurtured at CSU, and its innovations are driving relevant industries and regional development.


Based on its existing strengths and characteristics, CSU will strengthen collaborative innovation, continuously improve its international reputation and influence, strive to build itself into a world-class university with distinctive features, and actively promote the progress of human civilization.


Above all, CSU is striving to gather the global excellent researchers and students.

1: Best Subjects at CSU

World's top 0.1% discipline in ESI

  • Clinical Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Material Science

World's top 1% discipline in ESI

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Biology and Biochemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Environment / Ecology
  • Geosciences
  • Immunology
  • Mathematics
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • Neuroscience and Behaviour
  • Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Physics
  • Psychiatry / Psychology
  • Social Science, General

2: Degree Programs

  • Undergraduate Programs

All programs are taught in Chinese.

For major details and application eligibility, please refer to:


  •  Graduate Programs

Most majors of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine could be taught in English. For major details and application eligibility, please refer to:


  •  Non-degree Seeking Students

CSU provides Chinese language courses and Chinese culture experience activities for Chinese language students and preparatory students, helping students get familiar with and adapt to the learning and living environment, and facilitate students' internship and employment in China.

For details, please log in:



3: Scholarships

  • Chinese Government Scholarship

University Graduate Program

  1. Supporting student category: master student, doctorate student
  2. Majors and program language::Civil Engineering, Traffic& Transportation Engineering, English teaching program; Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Biology, Stomatology, Chinese and English teaching program
  3. Students from all countries

Silk Road Scholarship Program

  1. Supporting student category: master student, doctorate student
  2. Majors and program language: Computer Science and Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, English teaching program
  3. Students from the Belt and Road countries

 Chinese and Africa Friendship Scholarship Program

  1. Supporting student category: master student, doctorate student
  2. Majors and program language: Civil Engineering, Traffic & Transportation Engineering, English teaching program
  3. Students from African countries


  • CSU Scholarship
  1. Supporting student category: bachelor student, master student and doctorate student
  2. Majors and program language: Unlimited, Chinese and English teaching program


  • MOFCOM Scholarship
  1. Supporting student category: master student (two years)
  2. Majors and program language: Transportation Engineering (Railway Transportation Equipment) Program and Advanced Nursing Practice & Medical Technology in Developing Countries Program, English teaching program


  • International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship
  1. Supporting student category: one-academic-year study students; one-semester study students
  2. Majors include:

One-academic-year Study Students: Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese Philosophy, etc, Chinese Language Study

One-semester Study Students: Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese Philosophy, etc


  • For scholarship details, please log in to:



4: Contact

School of International Education, CSU

Address: Office 211, Main campus library, No.932 South Lushan Road, Changsha, Hunan, P.R China, 410083

Tel: +86-0731-88877515 (non-medical major consultation), 82650391(medical major consultation)


Email: admissions@csu.edu.cn

Websites: https://intl.csu.edu.cn/index.htm

Online Application: http://application.csu.edu.cn/member/login.do

International Cooperation

CSU is an open university. It has established long-term cooperation with more than 200 universities and research institutes in over 30 countries and regions, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, France, Germany and Russia, and has been extensively engaged in industry-university-research cooperation with a large number of multinational enterprises. Overseas students from more than 100 countries and regions study in CSU.

View our Partners' Map.


Talent Recruitment

CSU invites applications and nominations of qualified candidates from around the world for leadership positions, talent strategy positions, top-notch positions, outstanding youth positions.

Salary and benefits for these positions will be highly competitive, commensurate with experience and accomplishments.

1: Top-notch Positions


Qualified candidates, no more than 40 years old, must have an earned doctoral degree in natural sciences or engineering technology and have worked abroad continuously as teachers or research fellows for more than 36 months in top universities, research institutions or RD Center of famous companies. The successful candidates will have demonstrated achievements recognized by peer experts and show potential to be academic leaders in related research areas.

Salary and Benefits:

A salary of more than RMB 50,0000 yuan will be provided as an initial annual pay. Moreover, research start-up fund and settling-in allowance will also be made available. The successful candidates will have the priority in doctoral enrollment and CSU will offer related working post for their spouses.


2: Faculty Positions

Available positions include Distinguished Professor/Distinguished Researcher, Distinguished Associate Professor/Distinguished Associate Researcher, Lecturer/Assistant Researcher.


Candidates should be no more than 32 years old in natural sciences or engineering technology and be no more than 34 years old in humanities and social sciences; for outstanding candidates, the age limit will be extended to 6 more years.

Salary and Benefits:

An initial annual salary of 18,0000-30,0000 yuan as well as research start-up fund and settling-in allowance will be provided.


 3: Full-time Postdoctoral Fellows


In the past three years, candidates should have obtained a doctorate degree in universities or scientific research institutions at home or abroad, and achieved good research results during their doctoral studies. Preferable age of the candidate is generally not more than 35 years old.

Salary and Benefits:

  • competitive salary package (160,000-300,000 yuan/year);
  • post-doctorate apartment or boarding subsidy (1800 yuan/month)
  • local government post-doctoral funding support;
  • equal enrollment treatment as those of faculty and staff;
  • mentor performance incentives and financial support;
  • sponsorship of "CSU Shenghua Postdoctor Program"; priority to be employed by CSU.


4: Enquiries and Contacts

  • Applications and nominations of top-notch positions and faculty positions should be sent with Personal Information Collection Statement to HR Department of CSU, c/o Prof. Chen or Prof. Qiu (E-mail:rc@csu.edu.cn; Tel:+86-731-88836107)
  • Enquiries or applications for postdoctoral fellows can be sent to HR Department of CSU, c/o Prof. Zhong (E-mail:csubgb@csu.edu.cn; Tel: +86-731-88836815)
  • Colleges and Affiliated Hospital

 Please refer to the 2020 CSU Faculty Demand Plan in the Download Resources for more details.

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Key statistics

  • 19.9
    No. of students per staff
  • 3%
    Percentage of International Students
  • 54,903
    Number of FTE Students
  • 41 : 59
    Student Ratio of Females to Males
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