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Castleton University is a public arts college in the Vermont town from which it takes its name. Castleton began as Rutland County Grammar School in 1787, factions such as the Medical School and Teachers College merging to become Castleton State College in 1962, before acquiring its status as Castleton University in 2015.

There are 37 separate fields of study for undergraduates to choose from, with options as broad as biology or theatre arts. Students taking natural science majors will be able to take part in the Pathways to Science and Science Colloquium in their second and third years, in which they can take part in debates and lectures held by prominent figures in industry and outside academia.

One of the most popular among the 41 options available for a minor course is Cinema studies, which gives students a grounding in international cinema and specialisms such as gender or race in film. Castleton also offers eleven masters degrees and a Doctor of Education in Leadership qualification.

Castleton can boast of excellent facilities across both academic and extracurricular fields. The Casella Theatre on campus can seat up to five hundred people, has technical features such as audiovisual and recording equipment, and hosts the engaging and original Essential Artists series annually. The Jeffords Science Centre contains four research labs and and computational Chemistry cluster.

Sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint are key aims of the university, which has enacted a Green Campus initiative. Students are an important part of this process, and take part in activities such as an Energy Reduction Month.

Key statistics

  • $25,436
    Out-of-state Tuition and Fees
  • $9,412
    On-campus Room and Board
  • $34,700
    Salary after 10 years
Collected during US Rankings on 10th Oct 2016

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62 Alumni Dr
Castleton, VT 5735
United States