Student with British laptop

Brexit not (yet) deterring European students from the UK

Data from about student interest in the UK show demand remains healthy despite Brexit concerns

Hopeful student

Graduate job vacancies are increasing in the UK, say careers advisers

Careers advisers report an increase in graduate job vacancies, but students are less optimistic about their graduate prospects

Working abroad

Top destinations to work as an expat

Students could see increased opportunities, benefits and job security by choosing to work abroad

Students reading online articles

15 most popular student articles of 2016

Brexit, tuition fees, student satisfaction and graduate employability all feature in the top articles of the year. Not to mention university rankings.

Dollar bookmark

Cheapest top-ranked colleges in the United States

International students can study at a top US college for an average of $21,000 per year

Student coding

Best universities in the world for learning to code

A worldwide coding competition reveals the universities producing the very best coders

Teacher in class

English universities with the most qualified academic staff

The University of Huddersfield tops list of institutions in England with the highest proportion of qualified academic staff, while London Business School is the worst performer

Graduate salary

College degrees with the highest salary potential

Engineering graduates earn the most after 10 years while those in children’s education earn the least, according to a 2016-2017 College Salary Report