Top universities for on-campus wi-fi

Top universities for on-campus wi-fi revealed

Durham University has received the most positive comments for its wi-fi service out of more than 7,000 student reviews

UK students to help support vulnerable people in police custody

Students from the University of Sunderland will take part in a scheme to support vulnerable people in police custody 

University-related dreams and nightmares are common among students

How good are your sleep habits? Turns out that more than 80 per cent of students are having university-related dreams, finds new research 

The safest universities in England and Wales

The safest universities in England and Wales

The Complete University Guide has revealed the universities with the lowest and highest crime rates in England and Wales

London Business School campus

The FT Business School Rankings 2017

The Financial Times has produced a ranking of the best European business schools and, for the first time this year, the best business schools in the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region

CEO for a day

What does it take to be a CEO?

Shadowing a CEO for a day is helping undergraduate students to understand the qualities needed for the position, in a scheme run by a UK recruitment firm

Social media icons hanging from blue string

UK university social media league table 2017

Social media is an easy way to keep in touch with your university but which universities in the UK have the highest social media followings?

The undergraduate awards in Dublin

Celebrating undergraduate research in Dublin

An annual event in Dublin helps to raise the profile of undergraduate research and connects students from across the globe