Where do Oscar winners go to university

Where do Oscar-winning actors and actresses go to university?

Where did the world's best actors of the last 30 years go to college? And how many chose to forgo higher education altogether?

sexual violence at universities

Universities are failing to cope with sexual assault cases, new research finds

Some 62 per cent of students are reporting experiences of sexual assault but only 2 per cent feel that their cases were dealt with appropriately 

Mental Health first aid course

Looking after mental health: first-aid training for staff and students

There are many ways universities can tackle the rise in mental health issues and mental health first-aid is one of them 

High rent costs draining student loans

High rent costs draining student maintenance loans, finds new research

Maintenance loans have not increased in line with the cost of living and so many students are left with little funds for other living expenses 

What do students think of the strikes?

What do students think of university staff strikes?

University lecturers are set to go on strike during the next few weeks in the face of changes to pension agreements. However, what do students think of the strikes and how will the strikes affect students?


Student Volunteering Week

What are the benefits of student volunteering?

To mark Student Volunteering Week 2018, a number of students from around the country explore the benefits of volunteering while at university

Students in library

How have student requirements changed in the past 25 years?

Current UK university students are more likely to have explored academic rankings and expect 24-hour access to facilities compared with those who were students 25 years ago 

University Scholarship

Students could be missing out on scholarships, finds new research

Scholarships are awarded to university students for many different reasons, but not all students are aware of the range of options available