Subject rankings are coming in October and November 2015

Find the schedule for the Times Higher Education rankings for Medicine, Arts & Humanities, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering & Technology, and Physical Sciences, released throughout October and November 2015.

October 6 2015
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In October and November 2015, Times Higher Education will announce its series of university rankings for different subjects.

The six subject rankings supplement the 2015-16 World University Rankings, released at the end of September.

Although the methodology is the same, these rankings offer an alternative way to evaluate universities, based on which subject students hope to study.

Many institutions excel in certain disciplines over others. Subject rankings provide a fine-grained analysis of the research, teaching, industry income and international outlook within a faculty.

While the World University Rankings present an overview of university quality and reputation, the subject rankings communicate a more reliable insight to the student experience within a faculty.

In each subject ranking, the weightings of performance factors are adjusted to better reflect the priorities and features of the field.

For example, industry income counts for more in the Engineering & Technology ranking than in the Arts & Humanities ranking.

This way, the subject rankings judge disciplines by their own standards, rather than assuming that one size fits all.

See How to use the rankings: FAQ to look up which subject ranking specific courses fall under.

Subject Ranking 2015-16

Date released (at 5pm UK time)

Clinical, Pre-Clinical & Health

14 October 2015

Arts & Humanities

21 October 2015

Life Sciences

28 October 2015

Social Sciences

4 November 2015

Engineering & Technology

11 November 2015

Physical Sciences

18 November 2015

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