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March 17 2016
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The East Midlands has triumphed in the Student Experience Survey 2016, with Loughborough University taking the top spot, and two Nottingham universities in the top 20.

All over England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, universities have been highly rated for providing an excellent academic, social and recreational experience.

In both Yorkshire and in the West Midlands, two universities place within the top 10 and a third within the top 25.

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Three universities in the South West of England – University of Bath, Falmouth University and University of Exeter – secure spots in the top 15, making the region the best on average for the university experience.

London universities cluster at the bottom of the ranking; it is the only region in the UK without a top 15 university, due to lower scores for accommodation and community atmosphere in the big city.

Top regional universities for student experience 2016

Student Experience Survey 2016 universities by region infographic


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