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Five Instagram accounts to help you learn English

Social media platforms like Instagram can be a valuable resource for students learning English

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September 6 2021
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On public transport, in restaurants and at home, people scroll through social media more than ever before. While these platforms are great for staying connected to your social and support networks, social media can also help you learn English and access study resources.

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Read more to find out the benefits of using Instagram to learn English, and discover five Instagram accounts to help you study.

How social media networks offer unique benefits to language learners

A visual learning environment

Instagram is a visual platform where content is displayed via images and videos. If you’re a visual learner, Instagram can be a new and engaging way to pick up English.

A fun learning experience

You learn more when you’re having fun. With quizzes, polls, and other interactive games, Instagram certainly offers this. You can test your English knowledge outside the classroom and on the go.

Receive quick feedback

If you are looking for a quick answer to a language question, this active, busy platform is the place for you. Ask other users for help in the comments section or send a direct message to users asking for advice or clarification – it’s a simple and quick way to check you’re on the right track.

Connect with other learners

There are Instagram users all over the world, so using the app gives you an opportunity to connect with a huge number of English learners and native speakers. You can communicate via Instagram stories, comment on posts or chat via direct messages. It’s a great way to practise outside class.

Five Instagram accounts to follow to learn English

Whether you want to learn general English, business English or any other level, there is something for everyone on Instagram. There are even accounts that produce content for particular language skills, such as vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Read our list of the top five accounts to follow:

BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English posts regularly and produces a range of content, from quizzes to grammar explanations. You can get involved in video challenges and engage in discussions with your peers.

One of the most popular forms of content is explanations of informal British English – such as idioms about football and the weather – and fast food vocabulary. With this account, you’ll learn while having fun.

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Pronunciation with Emma

If you’re looking to improve your pronunciation, this account is perfect for you. Emma is an experienced English language teacher from the UK who specialises in creating pronunciation content for learners.

She posts regular videos helping with common pronunciation problems. Her videos demonstrate the difference between vowel sounds, show the correct pronunciation of particularly tricky words such as “headache” and “quarantine”, and explain the difference between words with similar sounds, like “sit” and “seat”.

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Pearson English Learning

Pearson English’s new Instagram account, Pearson English Learning, is for anyone who wants to improve their general English skills. If you follow this account, you will see grammar explanations and useful vocabulary, questions to help you practise your language skills, and motivational quotes to keep you inspired when learning English.

Whether you want to study abroad, live in an English-speaking country, or move forward in your career, Pearson English Learning is here to help you achieve your goals.

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Pearson PTE

The Pearson PTE account helps students who are preparing for the Pearson Test of English (PTE). The exam helps language learners demonstrate their English skills for study abroad and visa purposes.

The account provides test prep guidance, practical techniques and the motivation you need to get a good score in the PTE. It focuses on tips for specific areas of the exam, such as writing and reading, as well as key vocabulary and useful grammar with engaging visuals.

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English Vocabulary

Set up by the Green Forest English language school, this account is devoted to helping English-language learners improve their vocabulary.

The account’s objective is to help students learn colloquialisms, expressions, idioms, phrasal verbs and other vocabulary that might not typically get covered in class. With daily posts, the account is perfect for students who don’t have much time but want to expand their vocabulary.

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Find out more about the Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic).

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