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Alumni story: becoming a pharmacist in Ireland

Fajer Yousef chose to study pharmacy internationally in Ireland – an unusual choice for a teenager from Kuwait. She now works as a pharmacist in the UAE after completing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at RCSI

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Fajer Yousef

Pharmacist and RCSI alumni
April 8 2021
Fajer Yousef


Growing up, being able to understand how infections and diseases can be treated with a simple pill or injection fascinated me. I was keen to understand how this was possible.

After doing all my initial research, I found that RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences was the university that would best allow me to achieve my professional dreams and understand the function of medical drugs.

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I am from Kuwait and choosing to study internationally, specifically in Ireland, was not the norm among my peers. Families in Kuwait have very traditional cultural ideas and can be slow to embrace change. Additionally, as my parents’ only daughter, I faced the challenge of getting my family to accept that I – a 17-year-old girl – wanted to move to a different country and be completely independent!

Moving to a new country was not only about living in a new environment, it was also a journey of personal growth. Moving to Ireland taught me independence on a level I had not experienced in my home country.

I had to create new networks that extended beyond my family and friends in Kuwait. I met new people from different corners of the world and created everlasting relationships.

The international nature of RCSI allowed me to explore and participate in a diverse community, which taught me the importance of extending my knowledge and skills beyond cultural boundaries. The variety of clubs and societies within RCSI introduced me to a multicultural community of students. Finally, being part of these societies and clubs allowed me to have a healthy balance of work, study and leisure time.

I graduated from RSCI in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and went on to get a master’s degree in science while working in a research lab that investigated nanotechnology for recurrent infection treatment. 

RCSI holds a special place in my heart. I met my husband in RCSI and we both graduated from there. I had my first child while we were still in Ireland. After graduating, I returned to Kuwait, where I worked as a pharmacist in Jaber Alahmad Alsabah Hospital, before moving to the UAE with my two children.

I would highly recommend to any young person to study internationally. The experience opened my eyes to new opportunities and new people. Studying internationally gives individuals a chance to explore their interests and hobbies outside their cultural and traditional boundaries.

Studying internationally is not only an opportunity to explore your academic growth, it is also an opportunity to explore the world. 

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