Berlin from the Potsdamerplatz view point

Why study German?

Student blogger Niamh McShane, studying German at Trinity College Dublin, defends her degree against the claim that it does not provide hard skills for the workplace.
Student with backpack

Tips for choosing and applying to universities

Blogger Laura Warner, studying Geography at University College London, presents her perspective on applying to university, now that she's on the other side.
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Common grammatical errors to avoid in your university application

Research from a proofreading service reveals the most common grammatical errors made by international students.
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Top tips for writing an original personal statement

An expert student advisor offers seven top tips for ensuring your personal statement and your university application stands out and avoids the common mistakes.
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How to balance relaxation and revision this festive season

Five simple but effective tips for both a productive and relaxing festive season.
DeLorean Time Machine

Time travel, hoverboards and instant pizza: Degrees to consider on Back to the Future Day

From philosophy to food science, these are the university degrees to consider if you fancy yourself an incarnation of the great Doc Brown or the adventurous Marty McFly from Back to the Future.
Oxford bikes

Tips for answering Oxford interview questions

Oxford University released sample interview questions across a range of subjects, with advice on what would impress them in students' answers.

How to use the rankings: Frequently asked questions

Practical advice on how to find what you're looking for, with guidance on how to interpret and use the results of university rankings.