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Using an academic learning diary

An academic learning diary can enhance your ideas and help you keep track of essential academic insights.

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Five tips to make the most of your university experience

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Applying to medical school is like starting a new relationship

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It’s not enough to just talk about mental health

Talking about student mental health is an important first step, but what use does it serve if nothing practically changes?

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Six tips to choose the right programme at the right school

A campus tour guide at a Canadian university offers six important tips to help make the right university decision.

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How not to write a personal statement

Teachers don’t necessarily give the best advice when it comes to university applications. Here are four tips you might want to ignore

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Why I choose to commute to university in Germany

Why would a student forgo the university experience to live at home with his parents? A student in Frankfurt explains why this is the most realistic option in one of Germany’s most expensive cities

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

The unique charm of a tiny French university for a British student

Priced out of postgraduate study in the UK, a British student at ENS de Lyon reflects on the unfamiliar experience of attending a tiny university