POSTECH new building

Studying at POSTECH, South Korea

Students at POSTECH, South Korea's very own version of CalTech, explain why a small university was the best choice for their big ambitions.

A year abroad at university in Switzerland

A UK physics student meets people of all nationalities, improves her language skills and enjoys beautiful scenery on her year abroad in Switzerland

Flags at the United Nations, Geneva

Making international connections studying in Geneva

Ashley C. Pilipiszyn says that studying at the University of Geneva, the fifth most international university in the world, gave her life-changing opportunities to connect with influential people and students from around the world

Skyscrapers in Hong Kong

Discovering my passion at the University of Hong Kong

Vesta Eresta Jaya from Indonesia explains how stretching her comfort zone at the University of Hong Kong allowed her to gain valuable insight

Luxembourg city

My experience as an international student at the University of Luxembourg

As the University of Luxembourg is named as the second most international university in the world, Heidi Flinkman, from Finland, explains why she transferred there from her home university to complete her undergraduate degree as an international student.

Stressed student

Applying through Ucas as an international student

One international student offers a first-hand account of navigating the confusing hurdles to completing your application to a UK university through Ucas

Student feedback

Should students choose their course content?

Blogger Laura Warner reflects on the UK government’s higher education Green Paper and argues that student choice and feedback are important, but only with the right aims in mind

Thank you in many languages

Universities should promote the value of multilingualism for employability

Trilingual blogger and law student Noorin Malik says universities could do more to show students how and why multilingualism sets them up for success