Making a decision

Student Blog: Make the right decision about university

Camilla reflects on her experience at two different universities to offer advice about making the best decision for you.
Student with pile of books

Student Blog: Working as a student assistant

Blogger Elisabeth Sandler, a master’s degree student of Educational Sciences at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, offers a unique perspective on the benefits of working for an academic during your studies.

Student Blog: How do I choose a Masters?

Blogger Charlie Pullen, studying for a Masters degree at Queen Mary University of London, guides you through the difficult decision process.
University College Hospital

Student Blog: Are London medical schools really the best?

A London medical student looks at the advantages and disadvantages of studying medicine in the city
Woman abroad in Berlin

Student Blog: Expectations vs Reality in Berlin

Blogger Rebecca Heitlinger, on a year's break in Berlin from her studies at Oxford University, debunks three common myths about going abroad.
Student on campus

Student Blog: A day in the life of a UK university student

Blogger Ben Mock, studying Psychology at Lancaster University, reveals the details you won't read in a university prospectus.
Shubhi Sahni blogger

Student Blog: Why I chose my university and subject (University of Toronto, English)

Blogger Shubhi Sahni explains why she changed her mind and wound up applying for social sciences at the University of Toronto.
Berlin from the Potsdamerplatz view point

Student Blog: Why study German?

Student blogger Niamh McShane, studying German at Trinity College Dublin, defends her degree against the claim that it does not provide hard skills for the workplace.