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How to apply to a university’s satellite campus

Lots of universities have opened up satellite or branch campuses in other countries and this may be a good choice for students wishing to study at a prestigious university closer to home

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August 17 2021
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Middlesex University Mauritius (MUM) is one of three branch campuses of Middlesex University. We offer qualifications underpinned by the British education system, which are validated and quality assured to the same standards as those offered in the UK. 

Our application process is smooth and straightforward, and our admissions process aims to admit students who demonstrate potential to complete their chosen programme of study successfully. 

MUM receives a large number of applications from students holding international qualifications. All applicants are expected to have met the minimum entry requirements for their intended programme of study.

International qualifications are benchmarked against GCE A-level qualifications for entry to undergraduate programmes and against a British bachelor degree for entry to postgraduate programmes.

Applying online to study is free and easy. Applicants are required to complete an online application form via the online applicant portal. There, applicants create an online account where they can submit applications and track their progress or upload supporting documents and make subsequent applications. You do not need to go through UCAS.

The process is straightforward. Applicants need to complete basic steps online and have the following documents ready to be uploaded:

  1. Undergraduate: secondary or high school results (A levels or equivalent) and copy of passport

  2. Postgraduate: secondary or high school results, degree certificate and transcript, CV, motivation letter, employer’s reference and copy of passport.

Once an application has been submitted along with all the required documents, our admissions team will make an assessment, and if the applicant meets our requirements, they will issue an offer of admission.

The offer letter is typically generated within two to four working days of receiving the application, subject to all required documents being included.

Students then receive a notification by email that their offer is ready, and they just need to access the applicant portal to view and accept or decline the offer. Once an offer letter has been received, the student is advised to read the letter carefully, as this will outline the programme applied for, the start date, tuition fees and key information about induction. The offer letter will also include information on any academic conditions or documentation conditions that students may need to satisfy before registration.

Students who don’t meet our entry requirements or who are not ready to start an undergraduate programme

We offer an International Foundation Programme (IFP) for international students who do not meet entry requirements for undergraduate study but have completed high school or year 12. The IFP is a full-time programme and has two intakes per year, in February and October.

This IFP aims to build confidence and provide students with the transferable skills needed to progress to an undergraduate programme. The foundation year is also targeted to support international students who are unfamiliar with the cultural context of their study destination and the UK education system. IFP graduates progress to their selected undergraduate programmes. 

English language requirements

In addition to academic entry requirements, satellite campuses require all applicants whose first language is not English to demonstrate a sufficient level of English.


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