China Subject Ratings 2023: Engineering

The Times Higher Education China Subject Ratings are the only performance tables that judge Chinese institutions against their global peers based on the Chinese Ministry of Education’s classification of subjects.

The ratings for engineering reveal performance across 35 subjects: aerospace science and technology; agricultural engineering; architecture; biological engineering; biomedical engineering; chemical engineering and technology; civil engineering; computer science and technology; control science and engineering/automation science and engineering; electrical engineering; electronic science and technology; environmental science and engineering; food science and engineering; forestry engineering; geological resources and geological engineering; information and communication engineering; instrument/meter science and technology; landscape architecture; light industry technology and engineering; materials science and engineering; mechanical engineering; mechanics; metallurgical engineering; mining engineering; naval architecture and ocean engineering; nuclear science and technology; oil and gas engineering; optical engineering; power engineering thermophysics; safety science and engineering; software engineering; surveying and mapping science and technology; transport engineering; urban and rural planning; and water/irrigation engineering.

In total, 1,527 universities worldwide receive a rating for at least one subject in the engineering pillar.

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Eleven universities achieve an A+ grade in all 35 of the engineering subjects. Tsinghua University is the top-performing institution in mainland China, with 24 A+ graded engineering subjects.

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