Teaching and learning

Study finds dropout rate has remained static over course of decade

University of Glasgow

The first THE ranking measuring teaching across Europe will be launched at the event next year

Sir Michael Barber says that classes in English universities could be ‘more inspiring’

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Don't dismiss the meditation technique as a fad: its well documented benefits for those in demanding careers make a strong case for teaching it at university, says Craig Hassed

International education is Australia’s third-largest export industry, worth more than A$20 billion, and is set for further growth driven by current geopolitics. Jack Grove reports on how international recruitment is playing its part in Australia’s embrace of the Asian century

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The teaching excellence framework shines a light on teaching provision, raises its profile, flags up areas for improvement and gives prospective students more information, says Chris Husbands

Vice-chancellor explains traditional offices and teaching styles will disappear at £330 million Waterside project

Wimbledon scorer

Some vice-chancellors will decry the results of the teaching excellence framework, but should recognise areas of poor teaching it exposes, says Edward Peck

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Britain's opposition Labour Party, poses for selfies at a campaign event in Leeds, May 10, 2017

As student loan debt in the UK passes £100 billion, Sir Keith Burnett says it’s time we faced up to the real cost of tuition fees and debt

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Company accused of profiting from students’ intellectual property

The wild variations in the proportions of top grades awarded by different departments and universities must be addressed, says Bernard Rivers

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Release date was postponed in wake of uncertainty following UK general election

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Lots of money is spent on medical education in England – but very little of it goes towards teaching, says Philip Chan 

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To defend the values of reason from political attack we need to be more discriminating about the claims made in its name, says John Hendry

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Academics can acquire cult-like followings, but our goal should not be self-aggrandisement but the advancement of others, says Shahidha Bari

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After a German university scrapped an intermediate diploma and exam deadlines, results worsened and procrastination increased

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US university leader explains how top teachers were selected to design a new multimillion-dollar teaching centre

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Academics can spot essays produced by contract cheating websites ‘most of the time’, say Deakin University researchers

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Some big-name institutions may gain bronze when results are published next week, but sector experts are divided on impact on England's university pecking order

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The fashionable idea that reading novels could improve students’ fellow feeling bears little scrutiny, says Seán Williams