Teaching and learning

Margaret Gardner

University leaders highlight teaching funding proposal’s similarity to England’s TEF and fear ‘perverse incentives’ 

boxing fight

Call from government advisers to evaluate teaching quality, echoing England's TEF, could still go ahead

John McEnroe arguing with umpire. Tennis

Robert MacIntosh and Kevin O’Gorman explain how to negotiate your annual performance and development review

Ronald Schuchard looks at how Eliot’s time at the University of London shaped his work

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‘Peculiar’ experiment fails to find link between physical appearance and grades

dogs keep watch

Increased scrutiny of US sector and distrust of academics puts traditional quality assurance models in question

Child playing in refugee camp

Figures highlight challenges faced by European universities seeking to educate refugees

University application approved

Forget affirmative action, says Sami Mikhail; universities are right to recruit on academic merit

man being painted to blend in

Imaginative method is detailed in sector ombudsman’s latest annual report

group test virtual reality

Augmented reality and game-based learning among the innovations set to transform higher education

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Ian Jacobs says visits by hundreds of thousands of international and lifelong learners on short courses will transform campus life

A group of flamingos and a Marabou stork

A right-wing philosopher in Texas tells John Gill how a minority of students can shut down debates and intimidate lecturers – and why he backs Trump

Family riding a bike
Students' work on quantum computing demonstrates their role on the front line of discovery
refugee class Jordan
Partnership hopes to play its part in ‘preventing a lost generation’ in the Middle East
An illustration of three dodos in a classroom

With overcrowded lecture theatres the norm in undergraduate education today, online delivery has entirely replaced lectures and seminars in some institutions. So where to in the coming decade? Warren Bebbington outlines a survival strategy for the increasingly unaffordable traditional university

Illustration of man reading book falling on to group of people. Trust

Serious novels promote the trust and people skills that societies need. They should be required reading for all degrees, says Peter Taylor-Gooby

Sir Christopher Ricks
Critic discusses Trump, Bob Dylan and what university teaching can learn from Quentin Tarantino
cheating online

US researchers claim 76 per cent success rate in using video analysis to identify likely misconduct

Sailors in bunk beds in submarine

Study finds undergraduates suffer from living with more intelligent students, unless they attend class together

Group looking past curtains to stage
How to get it right when you first have to stand up in front of a class