Teaching and learning

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Replacing England’s tuition fee system with a cheaper and fairer alternative is not as difficult as many claim, says Andrew Adonis

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Taking in a refugee student posed more challenges than Sharon Maxwell Magnus was expecting, but the effort was well worth it

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The subject-level teaching excellence framework could lead to a lot of stress for no great gains over the institution-level TEF, says Andrew McRae


John Morgan witnesses a pioneering collaboration between two Sheffield universities, drawing upon the city’s manufacturing heritage to become a hub of industrial innovation and a model of civic engagement


The Humboldt University of Berlin, the historical home of interdisciplinarity, is experimenting with new ways to encourage a broader perspective 

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Study finds that students who witness lecturers misbehaving are more likely to display incivility in lectures or seminars

Expanding degree apprenticeships will strengthen universities’ important role in improving their local communities, says Dawn Morley

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Emily McIntosh and David Grey offer advice on rediscovering a ‘lost art’

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Sydney’s move towards programmes focused on problem-solving designed to address rise of artificial intelligence and automation

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Universities claim to bestow on graduates the key to open the door to any job: critical thinking. But even if they do, are employers interested?

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It has long been claimed that critical thinking ability sets graduates apart. But are universities really preparing students for the modern workplace? David Matthews reports

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A pilot planned for the subject-level teaching excellence framework has revived debate about the importance of small group teaching at university

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New institutes of excellence to lead training in agriculture, engineering, mining and industry


The UK's ‘red line’ on free movement of labour may prevent its students from participating in the Erasmus exchange programme, says European Union law expert

teaching and learning

John McCormack has been speaking to teaching-only staff at Russell Group universities, and they have plenty of reasons to be annoyed

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Differences in contact hours and class sizes between institutions and subjects ‘undermines idea that students receive value for money’

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Some University of Hamburg academics fear decline in German scholarship, and believe international students should learn German

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Bundling of subjects under pilot for future phase of teaching excellence framework may ignore diversity and complexity of many disciplines, says engineering body

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New Durham course explores how Christians can engage with online realm

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Positive psychology module mixed lectures with actual marathon running