Teaching and learning

Liam Anslow illustration (19 October 2017)

Students and administrators alike should resist pitting diversity against free expression, says John Palfrey

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Universities must go well beyond boilerplate statements about being a 'welcoming environment' if they really want to treat all their students equally, says Sarah Kollat


Algorithms must not be used to lower thresholds, says UUK/GuildHE report


Utah institution offers 12-week student road trip around American West

Qatar campus

Doha offshoots are also integrating courses with goal of providing ‘unique’ value to students

Graduate value

With degrees now necessary for entry into more jobs than ever before, John Morgan considers the economic arguments for expanding higher education

Collection of bound essays piled high

Watchdog’s new guidelines aim to stop ‘contract cheating’ on campus

lecturer, lecturing, teaching, lecture hall

Top UK university lecturers give us their top teaching tips 

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Analysis of departmental spending suggests there is a large gulf in costs between some disciplines

Lecture hall with students

Teaching students to attribute their failures to factors within their control can lead to big gains, say Rodney Clifton, Gabor Csepregi and Masha Krylova

Engineers in workshop

UMBC president calls for shift in institutional culture at Times Higher Education forum

Paul Ramsden

Former HEA chief executive hailed for ‘vision and persistence’ in changing teaching policy and practice

Row of tents in field

Refugee and asylum seekers pitch tents on campus in northeastern France

Robot teacher

Despite advances in artificial intelligence, humans will always have the edge over machines when it comes to teaching, says Aldwyn Cooper

Cracking a giant nut

Tasmanian researchers find it takes 10 hours to plan an hour’s lecture for online students, compared to eight hours for on-campus delivery

Woman holding man's hand providing support/kindness

Studies from industry and academia show there are significant benefits to incentivising supportive behaviour, says Theo Gilbert

David Humphries illustration (21 September 2017)

No one should underestimate the importance of encouragement in pedagogy, says Tom Pow

Old Trafford, Manchester

Class of ’92 to set up alternative provider teaching business, media and sport

Sam Whitelock catching line out ball in RWC15 final

Canada and Finland also score highly in research assessing the effectiveness of education systems in 35 economies

Two-way street

Being positioned as passive recipients of lecturers’ appraisal does nothing to promote the development of crucial graduate attributes, say Naomi Winstone and Edd Pitt