Teaching and learning

Gold medals

Recognition of genuine achievement is becoming diluted through relentless celebration, affecting students and staff in different ways, writes Peter Larcombe

Technology in higher education

Technology identified by NMC Horizon Report as having ‘potential to enhance’ online learning

Times Higher Education Teaching Survey illustration 2017

Academics enjoy teaching. What they don’t like is the lack of preparation time, bureaucratic burdens, unprepared students – and the TEF. Jack Grove reports

Illustration of people talking with speech bubbles above their heads (16 February 2017)

Respondents to the 2017 THE Teaching Survey give their words of lecturing wisdom

Online education

Expansion into ‘digitally advanced market’ confirms platform is ‘firmly on the map’, says chief executive

Writing notes

Survey of students across 10 countries suggests handwriting and printed books have advantages over digital materials

Man looking the other way at horse race

Keele University academic argues that the TEF ‘legitimises’ and ‘amplifies subordination’ of overseas students

people dressed in medieval costume towing a homemade castle

New study into medieval universities describes how paupers studied alongside the elite despite financial barriers

Matthew Brazier illustration (9 February 2017)

How do you defeat Nazis and liars? Focus on the people in earshot, says eminent Holocaust scholar Deborah Lipstadt

A poster for the Palestinian trade union movement

Website provides vital documentation for studying Palestinian political history and its place within wider anti-colonial struggles

Juggler on a unicycle near surfer

Academics think overseas students are unsuccessful at half of important activities, according to research

elderly woman holding robot

Jisc report for Hepi says technology is a ‘key tool’ in responding to challenges laid down by TEF

man looking through giant rose tinted sunglasses

Author of new research says journals are ‘not doing’ enough to combat the phenomenon

couple wearing virtual reality headsets

Microsoft vice-president of worldwide education says technology can help universities’ mandate to aid students’ employability


Sir David Bell’s review says the ECU, HEA and LFHE should become one body by September

humanoid manned robot

New approach calls research crucial to raising productivity, but there is a shift in focus to industrial challenges

Fake news

Evidence suggests you can teach students to spot fake stories, say Joseph Kahne and Benjamin Bowyer

Surprised happy student
Martin Seligman guides University of Buckingham on 'positive psychology'
Academic Caesar

Steve Fuller on the need for leaders who can make the radical decisions necessary to survive existential threats both internal and external

skidiver landing afterjumping from a plane

First transnational study of how university dropouts fare in the labour market suggests any exposure to higher education is better than none