Teaching and learning

It may be five years since Moocs went mainstream, but Diana Laurillard and Eileen Kennedy believe they still have the potential to reach the hard-to-reach

Private club

Rapid technological change means that higher education leavers will need to return during their career, says Tec Monterrey president

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Mark Jones looks at what happens to the league tables if you isolate the World University Rankings’ teaching metrics

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As Brexit nears, Dublin plans to upgrade the country's language skills

Female advantage in education dubbed the ‘Martha Effect’ in Stellenbosch study

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Phil Baty asked his Twitter followers what they thought of government plans for two-year undergraduate degrees, and they did not hold back

Robot with an idea

Minerva uses test scores to argue that its programmes give students lead in cognitive skills

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John Gill on today’s NAO report, which claims that students are, in effect, victims of ‘mis-selling’ by higher education institutions

Brain profile

Researchers develop assessment that can be completed by students in little over 20 minutes

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Open University report looks at key trends in teaching and learning

Academics are not always most sympathetic to effortlessly successful ‘super-smart’ students

Ang Davies looks at the pros and cons of the University of Manchester’s recent clinical bioinformatics Mooc

House of Lords

With part-time student numbers through the floor, the time has come for reform, says David Latchman

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If the Office for Students ever intervenes over freedom of speech, it will only be to widen it, says Michael Barber

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Research suggests that students learn better in their native tongue, and English fails to prepare international students for a job after graduation, says Michele Gazzola

Stephanie Marshall looks at the common features exhibited by universities that successfully achieved a TEF rating upgrade

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Amount of time spent learning in and out of class declines, HEA survey says

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Interviews with students and graduates in China ‘raise serious doubts’ about role of higher education in achieving cohesion

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Traditions, success and lack of self-reflection limit higher education's role in thought revolutions, says Geoff Mulgan

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Academic warns universities need to take impact of accent on credibility seriously as it has ‘demotivated’ overseas lecturers