Hermann Hauser

Hermann Hauser calls on vice-chancellors to ‘take a stand against pseudoscience’


His experiences on a panel reviewing Canadian grant allocation has convinced Jonathan Grant that the evidence base for current practice needs serious reinforcement

Reflection of man in cracked mirror

To defend the values of reason from political attack we need to be more discriminating about the claims made in its name, says John Hendry

American man with peleton

Americans produce nearly twice as many highly cited papers in key fields, with China also catching up on EU

pile of handcuffs

Conference hears conflicting views on how to stamp out fraud in research

science research

South African minister says many collaborations amount to little more than ‘visits’

Technician working in lab

Sector-wide initiative led by Science Council seeks to address ‘overlooked’ part of academic workforce


We examine citation data to get an idea of the most exciting and potentially ground-breaking research topics

MRI scan

US scholar argues that academics punch above their weight in key discoveries

dog, petting, patronising, loyalty

Academics should get out of their bubbles and engage, not deride, says Rachel Carey

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UK exit from EU research would boost success rates for other countries – but at cost of quality, experts warn

Brexit negotiations sign

Medical charity sets out demands to allow it to invest ‘confidently’

Researcher talks of anger over job loss caused by federal hiring freeze

Carnival atmosphere at the London March for Science as events take place across the world

Participants enjoying bubble soccer

Critics call proposal for world-first professional recognition system ‘demented’

Nate Kitch illustration (20 April 2017)

The work of 500 scientists transformed the 20th century. Universities and funders must do more to make certain that the flow of groundbreaking discoveries continues, says Donald Braben 

Person in Frankenstein costume

Academics shine light on contemporary research themes in classic book

An image from an electrocardiogram

Politics takes centre stage in a study of research on the edge of the paranormal, says Yvonne Howell

A painting showing Cosmas and Damian, the patron saints of medicine, replacing a patient’s infected leg with the healthy leg of a person who had died

An entertaining study covers everything from doctors to patients, diagnosis to treatment and sex to death, says Jane Draycott

A woman writing on a blackboard that is covered in writing

Each scientific law is a layer of knowledge – with limits – and we’re still peeling, says Marcus Chown