Colourful world map
Number of first-year students from India, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria all down
Man with a metal detector in a cage

Nobel prizewinning astrophysicist reflects on the perceptions and realities of how big breakthroughs are made

Terence Kealey

Terence Kealey, former head of the University of Buckingham, tells THE it’s sometimes helpful to think of scientists as ‘lying bastards’

Man polishes the roof of his car

Attributes of top scientists mapped in new paper

Smart phone interaction battery icon with power effect

New international consortium tackles major energy challenge

OxyContin pills

A study probes a silent global epidemic: addiction to prescription medication, says David Healy

A train of camels

Spanning 200,000 years of human trading, this study considers the influence of technology and the fallout of global interconnectedness, says Juliet Webster

A man sitting in front of a bank of computer screens

Book of the Week: lack of effective antitrust oversight leaves us at the mercy of digital platforms, says Julia Powles

Sex robot. Woman in bed with robot

Scholars reflect on ethics and mechanics of a possible ‘sex tech’ future


Toronto and Pennsylvania researchers arrange events to preserve environmental data

Man squatting on Albert Einstein memorial statue

Biochemist named in analysis of US highly cited papers claims it is not his main contribution to science

Philippe Sollers and Julia Kristeva, Cassis, France, 1998

Book of the week: The scrutiny to which two intellectuals submit their relationship fascinates Shahidha Bari

3D render of colony of pathogenic viruses

An expert’s personal guide helps Helen Bynum to get better acquainted with the fascinating ubiquitous microorganisms that live on and in us

Barack Obama

Alternative metrics find that research from Barack Obama received the most online attention this year

Student slips on snowy staircase, Johns Hopkins University

President of Johns Hopkins University says ‘deeply poisonous politics’ is also harming the system

Person reading miniature book

Many early career researchers have ‘not gone to the library for years’, according to report

Illustration of person holding network-connected smartphone

As we cannot cut the cords tethering us to tech, we must fully grasp the connection, says John Gilbey

Biopolis international research and development centre, Singapore

A study focused on Singapore’s Biopolis centre concentrates on various global ‘currents’ in bioscience, says Flora Samuel

Pair of wolves walking among long grass

From atoll to reef, a coleopterist fears we may not know what we’ve got until it’s gone, says Jules Pretty

Tim Caro, University of California, Davis, dressed as zebra

A biologist who spent 10 years in the African sun seeking to explain the wild horse’s pelage is in a class of his own, says Tim Birkhead