Ebola doctor with child

Conducting clinical trials during an epidemic for the first time, researchers fast-tracked the creation of a vaccine for Ebola, but not before 11,000 people had died

Japanese flag

Country’s publications in high-quality journals decline in relative and absolute terms

Lake Tahoe fire sign

Health and environmental agencies face savage reductions as defence spending soars

Gravitational waves

The principles of scepticism and open-mindedness are vital in a post-truth world, an expert on experts tells Matthew Reisz

The ‘indigenisation’ of Canada’s academy has had many positives, but some scholars are uneasy about universities’ reluctance to challenge native beliefs about the world, say Rodney Clifton and Gabor Csepregi

Mask, imitation, disguise

Matthew Reisz considers gravitational waves, scientific authority and sexual differences

University of Sydney

THE analysis reveals the 53 institutions that could surpass Oxbridge and the Ivy League

Sir Mark Walport

Who is the man who will take the top job in UK science?

A drop of water

Universities cannot wash their hands of responsibility for who is booked to speak on their premises, says Michael Marshall

JET experimental reactor faces uncertainty following decision to leave Euratom

mouse in petri dish

Neuroscientists argue proposal would improve reproducibility and get drugs to market more quickly

Visitors to the World Science Festival Street Fair peddle a square wheeled tricycle

Existing model of outreach that seeks to inform an ‘ignorant’ public is broken, say experts

Werner Heisenberg, his wife, Elisabeth, and their children

What were Heisenberg’s intentions for his work on a nuclear bomb for Hitler, asks Graham Farmelo

Data reveal research ties between US and Muslim nations targeted by attempted ban

Jumping on to neurons

In a post-truth era, five academics consider strategies, from inviting laypeople into the laboratory to open vivas, to improve trust in experts

Investing in UK science may be cheaper after Brexit but the true cost to innovation system remains to be seen, says Holly Else

Illustration of a gavel

Sarah Wise on how the insanity plea developed in English law and why ‘homicidal mania’ became acceptable to experts

Ministry hopes to increase quality of doctorates

Reality Just Ahead sign

University of East Anglia chief says scholars cannot assume that their research findings are ‘self-evident’

Novo Nordisk to invest £115 million in University of Oxford centre despite Brexit