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Keeping support for undergraduate courses at 2017 levels effectively ends demand-driven system, say universities

Scheme streamlines immigration process for master's courses and allows graduates to stay in the UK for six months in search of work

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Proposed penalties for intuitions that fall foul of new regulator called “eye-watering”

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Britain's opposition Labour Party, poses for selfies at a campaign event in Leeds, May 10, 2017

Hepi/YouthSight poll finds 68 per cent of students now back the party, up from 55 per cent prior to June’s general election

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Group CEO of the Universities Superannuation Scheme Bill Galvin outlines the processes and procedures involved in the pension scheme valuation

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Pay awards to vice-chancellors would not meet the requirements laid down in the Corporate Governance Code, says Stuart Farquhar

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Sexual harassment allegations and Paradise Paper revelations among negative headlines

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Controversy in Canada over support for blue-skies research would diminish if more researchers took Pasteur’s approach, says Creso Sá

David Willetts

MPs also hear Lord Browne say government changes to his review’s system meant ‘it started not working’

Australian Parliament, Canberra

Higher education access provides ‘inoculation against political dislocation’, Universities Australia tells ministers


Longer courses could mean bigger loans, which would eat into the government’s trumpeted savings, says Nick Hillman

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Response to US withdrawal from Paris climate accords announces first winners – but has been denounced as a publicity stunt by some French academics

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As Germany, France and Nordic and Alpine countries continue with increased investment, much of the rest of the Continent has not recovered from the financial crisis

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Phil Baty asked his Twitter followers what they thought of government plans for two-year undergraduate degrees, and they did not hold back

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Department’s claim that ‘students could be left over £25K better off’ likely to prompt scepticism 

Brexit protest in Westminster

Joint publication from EU and UK negotiators confirms EU-funded research will be protected and citizens’ rights upheld

Snake oil salesman

Students do not have enough information to make choices about degrees, says watchdog

Week in HE illustration (7 December 2017)

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world’s media

Populist model

Institutions must be willing to meet the new world of populism and protectionism halfway, says Matthew Andrews

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Jack Grove explores current strategies for widening participation in higher education, and finds out why improving access remains a huge challenge across the world, despite growing university enrolment