Mitch Blunt illustration (23 March 2017)

Without more conservative perspectives in the academy, lawmakers will increasingly ignore and potentially defund social science, says Musa al-Gharbi

a hospital ward

Higher education funding from US state governments has always been volatile, but reforms to healthcare could put public universities’ income under even greater pressure, says Will Doyle

Matthew Brazier illustration (23 March 2017)

While learning to work quickly is a useful life skill, a greater gift to students is permitting unhurried excursions and digressions, says Shahidha Bari

Neighbours in Madrid

V-c counters that institutions will ‘inevitably’ plan for overseas campuses after referendum

Trump: Make America Great

Military might and border walls are of more importance than compassion in Trump’s America, says John Fea

Container port

Minister emphasises transnational education, sidestepping mention of Home Office visa policy

South Africa flag

Minister's speech disrupted at event aimed at finding solutions to sector challenges


Universities Australia urges government to recognise sector's role in foreign policy review

Arrivals, departures, Brexit, immigration

We must make it clearer to UK-based European scholars that the UK higher education sector wishes to remain open, says Sir Keith Burnett

Westminster, Houses of Parliament

Sector expert predicts dissent will be crushed when Lords amendment reaches Commons

Schriftzug der Leibniz Zoo Hannover Uhr Königsworther Platz

Alternative for Germany also wants to end funding for gender studies, saying discipline is not a serious subject

Michael Gove, Conservative Party

Leave-supporting MP challenged in debate with King’s College London academic

Feridun Hamdullahpur

University of Waterloo recruits British academics ‘worried about future’ after referendum

people face upside down ride

Interviews in progress for Office for Students chief executive, with v-cs among those shortlisted

opinion illustration

Life science is a big part of the UK government’s industrial strategy, but neglecting basic research will drive top researchers abroad and threaten the flow of translatable discoveries, says Philippe Froguel

South Sudan opinion

South Sudan may be racked by famine, civil war and corruption, but the probity and effectiveness of its largely Western-educated vice-chancellors are providing the rest of the public sector with considerable food for thought, says Kuyok Abol Kuyok

Colombia paz protesters

Matthew Reisz in Bogotá examines how quickly a TACTIC nation can become a more effective player in global higher education

Building a bridge

Universities should consider building ‘families’ of schools and colleges to facilitate easy transfer between different levels of education, says David Phoenix

There is a growing recognition in Australia that the future of higher education must be considered alongside what happens to its struggling technical and further education sector.

South Korea

Role of Ewha Womans University protests in Park Geun-hye scandal highlighted