Muslim women hold signs with the flags of the banned countries during a massive protest against President Trump's travel ban outside of the U.S. Consulate in downtown Toronto

Data highlight strength of US-Iran research links while experts stress benefits for American science and economy

Hong Kong Occupy Central protests

University of Hong Kong v-c denies he is ‘heading for a simple life’ as the next head of the University of Edinburgh

Chemistry student

The UK-US research relationship post-Brexit must work for both countries, says Darragh Murnane

People underneath a Turkish flag

The targeting of Turkey’s top academics, in the country’s most established institutions, has caused outrage, writes Gulcin Ozkan

Xolela Mangcu

Xolela Mangcu argues that more attention to race would benefit both black and white students


Living next to the US is like sleeping with an elephant. But will the election of a divisive president see more Americans pack their trunks and trump, trump, trump up to Canada? asks Glen Jones

An abandoned supermarket trolley stuck in a tree

Commentator Martin Wolf examines the economic flaws and false assumptions of the Higher Education and Research Bill

Jon Krause illustration (16 February 2017)

Rebecca Lave describes the campaign to preserve crucial environmental data under threat from the Trump administration

Visitors to the World Science Festival Street Fair peddle a square wheeled tricycle

Existing model of outreach that seeks to inform an ‘ignorant’ public is broken, say experts

Religion, religions, church, mosque

Higher education has an important role in healing divides based on the distortion of religious beliefs, say Sami Everett and Ed Kessler


Universities Australia warns government against scrapping Education Investment Fund

man walking past screen of code at Big Bang Data exhibition

Axelle Lemaire says democracies are ‘suffering’ because of ‘broken links’ between academics and policymakers

football players swapping shirt

Nottingham Trent head also warns that damage to overseas, EU recruitment will harm quality of education for home students

Anna Piela asks what Trump may mean for scholars of the Islamic faith


Pearson responds to figures on UK providers by saying it acts when colleges ‘recruit without integrity’

Pro-migrant protester

Border institution co-hosts international conference with US universities as Trump presidency begins

Matthew Brazier illustration (9 February 2017)

How do you defeat Nazis and liars? Focus on the people in earshot, says eminent Holocaust scholar Deborah Lipstadt

Lighthouse shining light

If Trump and Brexit are the problem, universities are part of the solution, says Sally Hunt. But we must do better than we have

Elly Walton illustration (9 February 2017)

Catastrophes are likely to be more swift, global and devastating in our interconnected world, says Martin Rees, so scientists must join forces to keep us safe

crowd on train platform

Key research on higher education ‘getting dusty’ on Whitehall shelves, according to former insider