Sarah Olney, the Lib Dem education spokeswoman, on her party’s vision for higher education 

Interconnected world/global roaming

Sir Keith Burnett explains why it matters more than ever that universities speak out in support of our international communities


Pam Tatlow writes in defence of modern universities, and the way they work with the Home Office to further the UK's interests overseas

Margaret Gardner

University leaders highlight teaching funding proposal’s similarity to England’s TEF and fear ‘perverse incentives’ 

Gordon Marsden, Labour Party

Labour Party will also ensure that students currently at university will not have to pay tuition for their remaining years, says shadow HE minister Gordon Marsden

builder moving drywall

All-Ireland student visa needed to cope with Brexit fallout, says v-c

Theresa May

John Morgan looks at the Tory manifesto pledge to keep students in net migration target and to hold ‘major review’ of tertiary funding


While the Higher Education and Research Act seeks to level the playing field between providers, an unregulated category could spook future politicians and see the law retightened, says Nick Hillman

Budget illustration

As higher education costs rise inexorably, students or governments will inevitably have to pay more, says Peter Coaldrake

Cartoon Robert Gordon University

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world’s media

Spoiled child illustration

Vice-chancellors need to be less demanding and more collaborative and constructive if they want concessions from the government on issues such as immigration, says Lord Lucas

EU flags in front of EU parliament

European Parliament calls for start of proceedings that could strip Hungary of EU voting rights

Reflection of Facebook logo on person's eye

Human rights lawyer faces jail for sharing post by exiled academic under Thailand’s lese-majesty rules

Romania protest

Overseas members and evaluators excluded in what critics claim is a power grab

Jeremy Corbyn

John Morgan looks at the detail behind Jeremy Corbyn's manifesto pledges

UK universities may be among the most autonomous, but they need international cooperation to make their voices heard, says Paul Boyle

Students join anti-racist campaigners from groups including Movement for Justice to march through Central London

Cap on student visas and more pressure on universities to ensure recruits are ‘genuine’ seen as potential measures

Jeremy Corbyn

John Morgan looks at errors and inadequacies in leaked plans for higher education


British universities would be ‘most affected’ by failure to increase Horizon 2020 funding, MEP warns

hungary riot police

In Hungary, Poland, Germany and elsewhere, populist politicians are taking aim at the discipline