Political party conferences

Man drawing decline on a graph

In the past six years, the number of new part-time students in England has fallen by 56 per cent, writes Peter Horrocks

Manchester, Manchester central, conference

Pam Tatlow returns from the 2017 Conservative Party conference with food for thought (and beer to drink)

Universities were never far from the top of the agenda at this year’s Conservative Party conference, writes Diana Beech

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Theresa May’s tweaks to tuition fees may not be enough to quell the disquiet over the current system, says John Gill

Theresa May

John Morgan looks at the key issues a review may cover and the big worries for the sector

Theresa May

Conference speech raises questions about future of £9,250 fees system and shows impact of Labour policy

Text from the prime minister's 2018 party conference address

Balloon popped

John Morgan asks whether laments for the polytechnics may have policy impact

Jo Johnson smiling

Finance expert Martin Lewis likens government to 'illegal loan shark' on 'disastrous' threshold freeze

Jo Johnson, minister

Fringe events debate funding, Brexit and the social capital of knowing Jo Johnson, John Morgan reports

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Theresa May’s goal of achieving fee differentiation steps into ‘minefield’, sector figures warn

Theresa May

John Morgan looks at Theresa May’s plans for reforms to England's system

Manchester, city

Andy Green weighs up the three main parties’ higher education policies and suggests his own solution to the funding question

Brighton, rock, seaside

Pam Tatlow finds a lively political conference buoyed by talk of abolishing tuition fees

Gordon Marsden, Labour Party

Education debate at the Labour conference in Brighton has gone beyond the easy headlines, says Andy Westwood – but important questions remain unanswered

Brighton, Labour, conference

Nick Hillman writes from the Labour Party Conference in Brighton, where – happily – he finds fewer lobbyists and more activists

Red rose

Shadow industrial strategy minister says scrapping fees essential for universities' civic mission

Mad scientist

Chancellor appears to adopt IFS blueprint, but elements of reported plans bring ‘real concerns’ for universities